Rutland Water Marathon



  • I've entered this one too. I'm expecting it to be less "undulating" than Kielder Water that I ran around earlier this year.

    Miserable weather here in Newcastle and I have the Blaydon Race to do in an hour's time. Must think about getting changed and heading off.

    Wharfy, I'm doing the DDC 30 as well. I've done the 16 mile version the last two years, but thought I'd go back to the 30 miler this year.

  • I was going to nip over to Otley tonight but the opportunity to watch Corrie was too great to resist.

    I'm dedicated, I am.

  • Wharfy and Ian, how did the races go? Hope the achilles was ok Wharfy. I think this achilles stuff must be catching because I felt mine last night and I hadn't even been running!
  • sarah, it was cool wet and windy, but the wind was mostly from behind, so not bad really, but not one for hanging around afterwards. I managed 40:22 for the 5.9 mile course, about 20 seconds down on last year, but as this is the shortest event I have run this year by over 20 miles I was quite pleased !

  • Great time, Ian. Well done. Eespecially as you have been running longer races.
  • Thanks sarah.It was really rather a pleasant change to do  a shorter one, next one is in a fortnight, also on the banks of the Tyne, but a bit further west and more rural
  • How far is that? I am going to do a 5k in a few weeks, which will definitely be a shock to my system as I've mainly been doing longer races as well.
  • The Newburn river run is 6.5 miles. Very pleasant run it is . The first half goes east to west along an old wagon way, past George Stephenson's cottage (ie where he was born), crosses the river and comes back on the south side.

    Then three days later is the 30 mile Durham Dales Challenge, oo-err

  • Ooh that river run sounds lovely. One day I'll move back to the countryside. Good luck for the challenge. 30miles, eek.
  • Hi,

    Otley was very pleasant.  Jogged round as a training run given desperate not to aggravate achilles, 1hr 37 (would have been aiming for maybe 1.15 to 1.20 normally), was actually great running weather - cool but not cold, moist but not wet.  Quite refreshing running it with no competetive edge as well.

    Achilles feels great after.  Will avoid any speed work now until the summer.

    Ian - any hints for DDC ?  Not an area I know particularly.  I have done Trollers Trot 25 a couple of times so am assuming quite similar just a little longer.  Plan to run the easy bits and walk the harder...

    XB - shame.... !

    Sarah - yes, being in the country is great.

  • Hi Wharfy

    I'm not sure about hints for the DDC. From memory, the hills are mostly in the first half and there are bits where the terrain can be tricky for running.

    It can also be a navigational challenge, although I can get lost in my own house ! However, as the wlakers set off an hour earlier, spotting them can help with navigation in the first half.

    There is a splendid food stop in Middleton, which is near enough exactly half way image

    My plan is for a pleasant day out, rather than trying to do a time. Mind you, I have fallen and cracked ribs on it twice in the past, so taking it easy is probably wise anyway, for a clumsy chap like me.

  • Will watch my footing - broke an ankle running on the moors last Feb and don't want to do this again !
  • Blimey, with both of us taking part, I'd better let the first aid folks know.

    The good news is that it will not be the St John  Ambulance people who are providing the medical cover.

  • It's ok - I'm taking a first aid kit (it's in the rules) ! 

    How little do you think you can get away with ? One plaster and an ibuprofen tablet ...

  • Wharfy,

    My experience of DDC, having done it several times, is that you are asked if you have read the list of what you are supposed to carry, and that is it.

    I think it is a tacit acceptance that runners tend to want to carry as little as possible. My entire provisions are usually a bumbag with map, windproof jacket and a whistle (and that's only cos i got the whistle years ago a the Amsterdam marathon).

    If the weather on the day looks iffy, then I might take more. I have seen people who seem to carry nothing and others who seem equipped for the marathon des sables, so I guess it is what you are comfortable with. Probably also  depends on whether you are looking for a time or just  a pleasant day out. For me it will be the latter.

  • I'm entering the Rutland Water Marathon. I know the course really well as I used it to train for the Edingburgh Marathon. Its a mixture of trail and tarmac with some short hills but mostly flat. It's 15miles around the perimiter of the Water without the penisular. Scenery should be spectacular. A good turnout should make this event a real special one. I hope this event takes off because it's got some potential.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Just found this one and looks quite pleasant! Although the £30 quid entry with one water provided at checkpoints and the need to 'pay and display' does put me off a little bit!!??
  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭
    I'm also considering this one after having to pull out of Amsterdam due to lack of funds!  Edinburgh was supposed to be my fast race of this year but due to injury and the heat it wasn't.  Amsterdam was my plan to hit 3.30 but now thats not an option i'm thinking about this one.  My only worry is that I have never ran anything other than road races in marathon distance (amsterdam, florence, dublin, edinburgh).  How trail is this race?  I've emailed the site and am awaiting answers!
  • It means to be mainly path I think and hard trail. It's what they use for one of the bike routes I think.
  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭
    do you think regular road trainers will do or trail ones?
  • I think they said normal trainers. Their reply was on another Rutland water thread on the forum somewhere.
  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭
    Thanks Sarah!image
  • Are you going to enter?
  • Another thread - how dare they !

    Not got my entry in yet, must get round to it.

    Ian - how was DDC for you ?  Looks like you came in a few mins before me, I came in 17 at 7.17.  Had thought it may be a bit faster before the event but given the terrain in places was almost unrunnable (esp. when trying to navigate and with a pack) I was pretty happy with this.  Glad it was Sat and not Sun as cloud cover for much of the time was definitely a blessing, also that bit of a breeze on the tops was probably a life saver !  Not sure quich a final checkpoint was great running fuel but boy did it taste good...

    SG - sure I've seen you on another forum before (Windy / SNOD / Abingdon ?)

  • Hi Wharfy - i found DDC very hard going this year, but like you, was very pleased that the cloud helped keep the temperature down. It is certainly a well organised event and the food stops are very welcome. Glad you had a good day too
  • Well done both of you for the DOC.

    Think the other thread was just race details.

    Wharfy, I've been on the Dublin one for last year and one of the London ones for last year, but not any other marathons ones. Yep get entered image

    I need to start building my training again, but have gone and hurt my foot, so will probably be another week or so now, grrr!
  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭

    Yes.  i'm going to to enter.  i'm actually going to head down to rutland the week after next to check out the setting.  Am thinking of havng a cycle round to check out the full thing.  Once satsfied its not too off road i'll pay my fee.

  • lanky_lizlanky_liz ✭✭✭
    Hope you foot is on the mend
  • Thanks Lanky-liz. It seems ok but haven't tried running or wearing my proper orthotics. Am doing a 5k tomorrow so will see how it goes.

     That's a good idea. Can you report back? I've entered but would be good to know for preparation.

  • Hi all, I've just entered this, it'll be my first trail marathon, altho note the comments that some of it is on tarmac. it sounds like a beautiful course, so am really looking forward to it. Nearer the time I'll need some ideas from those of you who are local as to where to stay.

    Wharfy - I'm not far from you, over in Cowling, I run round Ilkley/Addingham quite regularly.

    Hope everyone's training is going well.

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