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  • Welcome to the thread Amanda. I've had a bit of an extended break since my last marathon, but am looking to start increasing my mileage again now.
  • Hi Amanda

    I used to live in Lothersdaleimage

    I'm convinced that I entered for this and paid online but I've not got confirmation. How do I know that my entry has been recieved and accepted?

  • You should have had an email confirmation within 24 hrs (from Fat Feet, no subject) - do you have evidence of your end of the transaction (bank/credit card statement, paypal emails, cheque stub)?

    If you contact them through the Fat Feet site with all your details I would hope they'd confirm for you. Good luck!

  • Hi All,

     On the verge of signing up to this after doing London earlier this year and not doing nearly as well as I'd have liked.

    Lanky-Liz - Have you been for your look around Rutland yet? Wondered if you'd got any feedback at all?

  • Hi,

    Not been on here for a bit.  Not running at moment - determined to sort out achilles so am doing x training and cycling. 

    SG - not done any of those so must be my mind playing tricks..

    LL - yes, feedback eagerly awaited !!

    AS - welcome, personally I am thinking this is not too far to drive there and back but missus may pursuade me to stay.

  • I am also signed up for this one. Ran Edinburgh earlier this year and I have some unfinished business with the 'marathon.'

    I signed up pretty quickly after Edinburgh to get something in the diary to go for. Timing I'd like to get sub 4hr...
  • Hi Neil, I also did Edinburgh this May. Can sympathise with you, as my training suggested I might be on for a PB, but the heat got to me and I nearly managed a PWimage

  • Amanda, the same thing happened with me with Riga. Sounds like a few of us have unfinished business.
  • I'll be doing this, must get around to entered.

    Last weekend I ran around RW with a friend, We went around and did the penunsula which measure 22 miles in total, not sure where the other 4 miles will come from.

    Anyway, to answer Q on hillyness, shoes etc.  I wore road shoes, they were fine, even in the winter road shoes will be OK but I would prob wear old-ish ones that I didnt mind getting dirty as some was through wooded areas and if there has been rain then the would get dirty!!

    Assuming the route is going to be the 22 miles we did plus another 4 from somewhere then it is def not a PB course.  My friend was training for L50 and wanted to walk all the hlls, we had quite a lot of walk breaks! We also walked a flat bit cos he was tired, that was prob for a few mins.  I think there was one proper steep hill (when I cycled it many years ago  most people, but not me, walked with their bikes).  The other hills are more shallow and not too long, prob 2-5mins walking for each of them

    We were plodding around slowly, around 10-10.30mm when running but with the walking bits our overall av pace was 11.44. 

    To compare it to a few races as we all rate hills differently depending on what we are used to.

    It is hillier than Ashby 20, strafford 20, shakespeare marathon, IOM marathon, I class all of these as hilly but RW is hillier

    hope this helps

  • Oh dear.... I was expecting some undulations, but not hilly. The organiser said it was mainly flat with a few hills but nothing worth mentioning! I'd better get hill training then! Thanks for letting us know Hellen. Think i will just be enjoying this one then.
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭

    If the weather is anything like last year when I ran the Stevenage Half we're in for a treat. Especially as the lake is mainly used for sailing. The wind and driving rain will definitely get us on one side, no need to worry about the heat.

    I'm looking forward to it. My biggest problem is trying to find a couple of Halfs in the lead up for training. Most seem to be in March for London Marathon lead up.

  • TimR yes I found that when training for Dublin last year. I was looking for some 20 milers but couldn't find any. There's run to the beat but that's end of September and the Cardiff half in october.
  • I am considering signing up for this one! This will be my 2nd marathon this year after doing Edinburgh in May.

    Sounds like it is not a pb course with all the hills! Good job i like hilly races!

    Anyone know about the numbers entering this event and when it might sell out?

  • Tim & Sarah - As regards HMs, there's B'ham 24 Oct, which I'm doing, plus there's Robin Hood (alongside the mara), Kenilworth, GNR, Leicester...

  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Mr. Road-Kill. I'm interested in the Run to the Beat. I'm away walking in North Wales on 23rd/24th so maybe the Birmingham on the way home would be a good one but probably a run in the mountains would be just as good.
  • i fancy having ago at this as it sounds a interesting event is it the first running of this event.

    Doing the Rotherham round 50 3 weeks before so the mileage for training wont be a problem lol but the legs might still be a bit trashed

  • Thanks Road-Kill. I'm doing Cardiff on 17th october, but would be good to find another one.
  • dont let the hiills put you off.  It was actually quite an easy run around with walking the hills, wasnt tired afterwards.  We walked every tiny incline as well as what I would call hills so took it very easy.  I think those people who have a soft PB could get a PB but only if you hit the wall big time first time around.

     I am not very good at judging how much to add for hills but would say if you were racing it then 10-20 mins slower

  • MMm haven't hit walls as such in races although I did walk a few times at Dublin. Could have continued running, but psychologically gave up. Still I have been under-trained for my first three so guess I might be able to finally break that 4hr barrier if I do enough training. Missed it by 5secs in Dublin image Guess I will find out on the day!
  • I'm not saying it is unlikely you wil PB but if you did this and a flat one at the same time (which obs you wouldnt ) then you are not going to PB.  However, if you did your last one 6 months/ a year ago and were undertrained then no reason why not.  People have been known to improve 20-30 mins from one marathon to the next just cos of better training/hitting the wall.  So if you can improve that amount in one season then you could PB.  If you are only looking for 4s and are better trained then it is poss but make sure you train on hills though.
  • Sarah am in a similar position to you! Have done 2 marathons (Leicester (4.35) and Edinburgh (4.12)). I hit the wall in both although in the first one it was due to under training the 2nd one due to the extreme heat on the day! Hopefully if i did this i could still knock out a pb and go under 4 hours! 
  • Thanks Hellen. Yes i didn't do hill training for Dublin and it showed. Dublin's not mega hilly but not as flat as you think it is going to be. In any case I will know on the day how I am doing. It will be good to do a scenic one in any case. Will enjoy running in the countryside.
  • Jimmy V, I guess we will find out in November. Am not going to give up on the PB just yet as I know I can go faster with the right training. It's just managing to actually do it!
  • sonuds like a plan! How much training were you doing for the previous 3?
  • Mmm not very much I have to admit. I had weeks where I did more mileage and got the long runs in and others were I didn't. I did my first in London in 4.01 something after being injured and very little training. I had done quite a few long runs though. Think that was probably my best in a way as my pacing was good and my 2nd half was only 45 secs slower than the first.

    I think I only averaged around 20 miles a week for Dublin and Riga and lacked really long runs for both of them. Think my furthest for Dublin was about 17 miles and it showed. I went out slightly too fast for dublin and my lack of long runs really showed. I stopped 2 or 3 times I think but was able to pick the pace up again after stopping so was more mental than not being able to run any further. Finished in 4.00.05! Taught me a good pacing lesson though. Riga was different again in that it was hot and there was also about 3 miles worth of cobbles. Finished in 4.05ish.

    I've run a 1.45 half this year so know I am capable of sub 4. I just need to do the training!
  • They sound like really good times for that level of training!

    When i did leicester last year i was only doing 20 odd miles a week and i came in around 4.30.

    I ramped up the training for Edinburgh to over 30 and I reckon I was on course for getting a sub 4 time and i paced it perfectly with just under 2 hours for the first half but it was a really hot day and i think the heat got to me in the 2nd half and i came in at 4.12!

    My best time for a half is 1.44 very similar to yours I reckon i just need to keep ramping up that mileage!

  • Yeah sounds like we both need to up our mileage. I'm not sure I could go as high as a lot of the plans suggest as think I will get injured, but am sure 30 miles a week and some cross-training would help me a lot, plus those all important long runs. That's what happened to me in Riga too Jimmy. Went through half way in about 1.51, felt ok, but it just kept getting hotter. At least we won't have to worry about that in November!
  • jimmy, if you can do 4.12 in Ed in the heat then I am sure, with a bit more traiing you will knock something off at RW

    My half time is 1.47 and I have a 3.52 marathon time.  However, I am not sure I could do sub 4 at RW with the hills.  If I were racing it then I would prob expect just over 4 but I am not racing it, I will be going for a time at robin hood and/or Abingdon

  • Jimmy/Sarah, my experience with Edinburgh was similar, I went through halfway in 1h59 but I bombed more in last few miles for a 4h16. I must say though after 8 miles my legs felt heavy and towards the end it was hotter than anything I had trained in. I did enjoy it but just didn't get the time.

    My first half marathon was at Silverstone in March for 1h46. Before Rutland I'll be doing Windsor Half and Royal Parks Half.

    I chose Rutland for a different kind of race...not so many runners, hopefully good scenery and less travel/logistics beforehand.

  • Hey all.  Now i'm back from my camping fest I can attest to Hellens assesment of RW.  I only ran a 7 mile section (and did walks around other bits) and it was hilly.  In fact I went to Alton Towers the next days and the rides there were flatter!  on the upside it was lovely scenery, lots of bunny rabbits, sheep and there were plenty of fit soldiers running their morning PT to admire too!
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