Rutland Water Marathon



  • Thanks for the info, Joanna. I knew there was a reason why I entered this. Sounds beautiful. Will check out your blog.
  • Ran the penninsula again today ... maybe it's just my inexperience but I'm really worried that I've picked a wrong'un!  It's a hard run for me - although I did stop to take photos along the way - and it took me an hour .. the thought of doing it twice (as per route map) fills me with dread.  I'll concentrate most of my training up there now with xtraining at the gym ... & lots of hill work.  The final hill at 22 miles will be a killer.  Great if you're an ultra runner but I entered coz it was on my doorstep & I'm stupidly enthusiastic and now I'm having more than a few second thoughts.  For anyone interested, I hope to have the photos of today's run up on my website by tomorrow. (

  • I haven't run a full marathon since the start of the year and have been concentrating on halfs recently but this is really tempting.  I remember going up there a few times when I was a kid as it was pretty local so appreciate it will be a nice course to run.  The only thing putting me off is that I'm probably going on holiday at the end of September and not sure I really want to be training that hard.  Decisions, decisions.....
  • Was planning to drive up on the day but now thinking about staying over.  Have found a really nice looking (and reasonably priced) place in Cottesmore - the TIthe Barn.  Just trying to see if I can find something a bit nearer that I prefer.  Not found anything yet!
  • I might think about this, I want to do a stand alone mara next year as opposed to another iron man. I know Rutland quite well as I did all my cycle training tee and I've done the Dambuster a few times. Have to be next year though but I might come up and support this years race. Good luck to all. Hi Kaz, long time no see huh?
  • Hi All, just back from my honeymoon and fresh and ready to crank up the training!

    Started out with a 5 miler this morning - probably try and get in 30 miles this week to get things moving!

  • Hey Lee, how's things?
  • I'm ok Kaz thanks, did the outlaw a few weeks ago so the post race blues have set in. Me and NGL are looking for a mara to do next year. He wants to go sub 3.30 but I'll be happy with sub 4 hours (I'm not a spring chicken you know!!!) How's things with you? I saw Min at the outlaw but not caught up with anyone else for ages.
  • Heard you'd done Outlaw (was away with Mouse that weekend) - so much for never doing another IM then hey?! image

    Plenty of maras out there to get a good time on so hopefully you'll get your times.

    Things bit up and down here -have been distincty lacking in mojo for some time now and seem to lurch from one injury to another.  Had been relatively injury free for a while but have now got a foot prob.  Just what I need with 7 marathons and a half in the next 10 weeks image.  

    Did Faversham marathon a few weeks back.  40 laps round a recreation ground.  Amazingly, it was a cracking good race.  Fastest of the year (though still woefully slow) and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Now if only they could all be like that!

  • There's a marathon at Rutland? Now that sounds good
  • I'm in, it will be my second one and I'm going to try and get under 4 hours

    Given the current weather, I just hope its going to be dry !!

  • It's the wind I'll be worried about!
  • Try changing your diet, Amanda.

    Happy to helpimage

  • i'm in. i will be the one running with the large uncontrollable dalmatian called Gus
  • The "undulations" looked a bit worrying then I realised the profile is in feet.

  • Sorry for delay..have now put up some photos I took during last week of Rutland Water's Hambleton Penninsula (the bit you have to go round twice for the marathon).  Interested to know what others think...not of my photography skills (dire!) but the course itself.
  • Just realised I'm seeing Al Murray on that day, b*gger.....
  • is he running?
  • jS - the compisition is good. but i think you have the RAWR setting a bit to high for the landscapes, other than that there good pictures. image

  • Joanna, you have reminded me how lovely it is! I am incorporating laps into my long runs now in order to mentally prepare for the hambleton double loop.. and trying to run up a big hill near the end of every run. 18 miler this weekend - hopefully I'll feel more positive about it after that, rather than less.
  • I'm in!  Had a disastrous attempt at the Fleetwood marathon on Sunday and managed a spectacular DNF after 18½ miles due to the galeforce wind and sandblasting, so I'm now hoping that Rutland is going to be a walk in the park (literally) in comparison!

  • thanks for taking and posting the photo's Joanna.

    the terrain looks great and very similar to what I normally run on (old rail branch lines)...that is except for the cattle grids which hopefully they can put some covering over those for the race. [pretty pls Mr Organiser]

    fingers crossed for a blue sky day - it will be great.

  • I had forgotten how nice it was put there. And it will be nice not having to swim in the lake before o have to run. But I won't rule put an improvised ice bath dip in the water after
  • Currently pulling out of races courtesy of a gammy foot (potential stress fracture).  As this is the last planned race of the series I'll have lost an awful lot of money if this one goes too imageimage
  • oh no Kazzaaaaah - how long do you think you'll be out of action?  with this one being a couple of months away, do you think you will have mended by then? *fingers x'd* (and dare I mention GER as well, seeing as that's a bit closer in time)
  • With 7 marathons and GER (inc Rutland) on the cards I'm hoping not long.  I've accustomed myself to losing Kent Coastal and Two2Go imagebut am really not prepared to lose much more.  Will be devastated if I lose Berlin.

    It's right down by the toes so am hoping it's an easy mend - if it is a fracture of course.  Just frustrating to have to wait so long to get it checked but I'm too honest to make out it's an A&E case (was turned away from there on Wednesday when I said it was the physio sending me).

  • I'm in!  Hi all you Rutland runners--let's keep our fingers crossed for some decent weather on 7th

    November.I ran Stockholm in June, but this will be a whole new ball-game! Can't wait--any tips anyone?

  • Right, did the Two2Go marathon over the weekend and now focusing on this. Looking forward to it. Anyone else staying locally over the weekend? We've booked up somewhere.

    I'm hoping I can get some solid training in for this and avoid injury.

  • I really must think about accommodation. Might just stay at my parents near kettering though. Don't think the drive is too far. Had better check.

    Hope everyone's training is going well. Am old knee problem of mine has kicked off, so hardly trained for two weeks and haven't done a long run for about a month. Getting a bit worried now.

    Great pics Joanna. Am going to love the scenery, though not so sure about the cattle grids!
  • I'm in image

    Great photo's Joanna image

    This will be my second marathon, the first being Windermere image

    I don't expect I'll see any of you as I shall be right at the back !

    Well, someone has to bring up the rear ! image

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