Metatarsal stress fracture, help!

I have recently sustained a fracture to metatarsal, common I believe in those with a second toe longer than their big toe as is mine. I know rest is the key to recovery, however does anyone know if a particular type of trainer could afford me more protection in the future? I am currently running in Womens Nike althea triax.


  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    slippery should be along here shortly, he missed the whole of his track season last year with this exact injury.

    He has been running in Span triax, which is the male equivalent for yours, but his injury was caused partly by doing his trainers and his cycling shoes up too tightly- could this have been a factor for you? He has also got a more protective pair of shoes, Nike Air Max moto, but was looking for anything with more padding on the tongue of the shoe I think.
  • Did you know that the romans saw that as a sign of beauty and as a result many roman statues have the second toe longer than the big toe?

    Or was it the Greeks??

  • "In general, a high-arched or rigid foot should have a flexible or cushioned shoe, and a flat-arched or flexible foot should have a motion-control shoe that will provide rearfoot control."

    My wife? Her floppy feet are as flexible as swim fins...she needs the stiffness of a stabilty shoe to counter the lack of stiffness in the foot.

    Me? High arch and very stiff foot...a stiff shoe will try to force the foot to bend in ways it doesn't want to....Ouch!!!!
  • thank you!
  • linda d had you managed to find a good brand that fits your 2nd toe? i have the same problem and am still searchin image

  •   I have the same toes as the you, linda d (well, similar toes; not literally your toes). I run on roads wearing 'Mizuno Wave Precision 13' shoes and I also use 'Pro-Tec Athletics Matatarsal Lift Compression Pads' inside those shoes. It works for me.

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