puma doctrine

I bought a pair of Puma Doctrine from Intersport, alledgedly for on & off-road use. Fine on the road, but every time I go off orienteering in the studs fall off the bottom. Can I find the **** receipt?


  • Did u pay by credit or switch ? If you did maybe you'll be able to argue your case for having no receipt ( not entirely sure how though )
  • Kath
    The Puma Doctrine shoe is not really designed for heavy off-road use. The outsole is heat-welded onto the midsole for lightness and flexibility so it does not have a very deep profile. It came into our range in Spring/Summer 2001 and I was first drawn to it because Mark Sheehan, our American designer who created the whole Puma Complete Series range and could wear any model he chose (Doctrine is £50), wore it and raved about it when we ran together at Christmas 2000. If you contact me via Runners World I would be happy to supply you with something a little more suitable for your needs.
    Geoff Wightman
    Running Marketing Manager, Puma UK
  • Yeah, sounds great to me- I guess this was just a question of bad info from the assistant at Intersport (the nearest to a specialist shop I could get. My email address is: kwgray_planet@email.com
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