The big thumbs down!

So what have you bought that has really been a let down?

I've got to say and not everyone will agree but I really didn't rate Sealskinz socks.

18 quid a pair, not at all comfy and they really make my feet sweat. Yes they are waterproof but so are a couple of Tesco carrier bags and probably more comfy.

So what didn't you like? 


  • I didn't like an ASICS short sleeved T with zip I bought last year.  The corners of the unzipped neck (hard to explain but I know what I mean) constantly rubbed my neck and were impossible to lay flat and the panel stitching over the shoulders rubbed when sweating.  
    Wore it twice and i'll never wear it again.  As a result I stay away from ASICS shirts.

    2nd thing I didn't like was the Nike+ watch thingy.  No light, poor display and impossible to calibrate to within any degree of accuracy.  It's currently keeping my ASICS T-shirt company in my draw.
  • Some adidas running gloves - rubbish.
  • The old style Helly Hanson tops..bought several and then found out why everyone called them "Smelly Hellys", wear them more than once and the smell of stale sweat never leaves them. Still the new ones are loads better.
  • I love my hellys ! Had mine for years and not smelly at all !
  • Do you find people give you a wide berth when you wear them Cougs?image

     I am talking about the ones I had about 10-12 years ago

  • North face Vitesse Fuse short sleeve Shirt..... sooooo uncomfortable to run in it just wasn`t funny, returned it the very next day... 
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    You need to sweat in them first, Cougs ...
  • HA HA - smellyhellys - spot on. Mine are always DISGUSTING. Have given up completely and moved to smartwool stuff which is a revelation.

  • The smartwool helly top I bought came out of the washing machine peppered by lots of tiny holes... looked like it had been eaten by a mouse. image

    Generally any running top or bottoms without a zipped pocket gets the thumbs down from me.

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