Abingdon Marathon 2010

I ran this for the first time last year.  Great course, excellent organisation, ideal size field and good PB potential. 


  • Entries open for this one on Mon 1st Feb.........and it fills up very quickly.

    Toying with whether to enter or not??????

    I will be running my first marathon  in Brighton on 18th April........ and was sort of hoping to then run our club marathon.....Kent Coastal on 5th Sept. I ran the Half as my first race ever last year (after only running for 6 months) and it sort of feels fitting to come back and run the Full Mara a yr later.............. Besides it also counts for Club, Kent  & Grand Prix Champs this year.

    The problem is that there are then only 6 weeks between this marathon and Abingdon..........Is that too little time for someone with as little marathon/running experience as me????? What do more experienced runners think????

    I had also thought of just doing Brighton before I decide whether I even want to do another Marathon! image  But if I do that I won't get a place in Abingdon.

    Do I just enter and then if I decide not to do it later sell my place on to someone???.......the demand for this marathon always seems high.

    Oh all theses decisions!!!!image 

  • The race site says they are short of marshall coordinators and that firm decision on 2010 awaits this. Does RW sub only link above say different?

  • The news on Fetcheveryone is entry opens Monday............and seems to come from someone in the know....check it out.
  • http://www.abingdonmarathon.co.uk/

    I simply stated what it says at event site.

    Although the race has been run successfully last 2 years, it stop a few years ago because of organisation difficulties.

  • its going ahead


    Im waiitng for the on line entry

  • Still no entry open on here. That's rather slow RW... COME ON!!
  • Oh well, I can't enter on here anyway as I'm not a subscriber anymore. Looks like I'll have to do it the old fashioned way, unless it is online elsewhere.
  • Kaysdee

    Once the online entry opens you will be able to view it.  Even if you're not a subscriber. 

    Edited for typos

  • I shall not miss this one this year. This is one of my favourite marathons and it is only up the road. Now where do I send my Postal entry?
  • yeah you dont need to be a subscriber to enter on line
  • still nothing??
  • Thanks. When I click on the Event link at TOTP it just gives me the Subscriber Only Content page, so will just see what happens when it's open.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Top Of The Pops image ....really...it`s that good is it???


  • its damn good
  • Well, I'm a subscriber and I can't see any online entry procedure on the RW event page either.

    It seems to me from looking at the Abingdon website that they intended entries to open in late January, but that they are now waiting to confirm that they have enough volunteers/marshals etc before starting to take anyone's money.

    I'm not sure there's even any point completing the "universal entry form" available on this site until everything becomes clearer. And I am not saying that just because I don't want everyone else to get their entries in before I do!  image

  • No............ they are waiting for RW to fianlise the on-line entry. It is going ahead and postal entries are being accepted already!
  • 2btiny wrote (see)
    No............ they are waiting for RW to fianlise the on-line entry. It is going ahead and postal entries are being accepted already!
    Seems odd that this info isn't on the official website ... ?

    I prefer on line entry, but at this rate i will have to resort to snail mail

  • Tim .......check out fetcheveryone if you don't believe me. image You can have entry form e-mailed to you......check the Abingdon thread on there!
  • makes no sense for organisers to state decision not yet taken on 2010 race at their own site while inviting entries from a particular running forum.

    thinking of last year, at least it states no IPods up front this time....

  • Price has increased!!

     But I've still entered image

  • Wisely or not,   I'm in

    3 marathons in October and a rest in November is prescribed I think  image
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Posted my form off yesterday image
  • I'm inimage Here we go again! Tony, thanks for letting me knowimage.
  • Howfar??? This marathon said no ipods before, but people still wore them  image.  It's one of my 'pet peeves' when people ignore the 'no ipod' instructions in races which have this restriction.  Grrr!
  • Online entry now submitted via link here at RW site - woohoo!

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Entry limit of 1100!  Isn't it usually more like 500?  Hope we don't all converge on those little footpaths at the same time.
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