shin pain

I keep getting pain in the bottom of my shin.

Dont think its shin splint because the symptoms are different

It normally starts to hurt after 5-6 miles but I can run through the pain

Bit sore after a run but not too bad


  • Hi,

     I'me having the same problem. Was doing an 8 miler on the treadmill, but had to stop after 6 1/4 with pain to the bottom of my left shin. Today, it is very sore, difficult to walk as pain is quite extreme.I've had shin splints in the past, but this is quite different!! Will have to see a sports therapist, as due to run the Brighton Marathon in April.

     Hope all well.


  • The pain i am getting is central and not to the left which is more common with Shin splints
  • I had the same thing 2years ago and I ignored it and ran through the pain, that was a bad idea.
    I went to see a physio, I had shin splints, was wearing the wrong trainers.
    This also put extra strain on my ankle, hamstrings and glutes the first major injury I have had and ended up missing a year of running so I cycled as it's less impact.

    I would suggest seeing a physio, going to a running shop to check your wearing the correct trainers, find exercises to strengthen your leg muscles I hope this helps.
  • Hi to you both,

    The pain I am getting is to the left, it is swollen, and hurts when I walk. Am using cold and heat treatment and taken anti inflammatorys, I have also bandaged it as this helps relieve the pain.

    Will make an appointment to see a physio and also sort out the trainers, although I have had them for about 3 months now.

    Have been doing weight training and other things such as x trainer, cycling and rowing. Not sure if x trainer is ideal at the moment, whilst I have the injury. What do you think??


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