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at what age would you reconsider doing things, or think i cant do that anymore, and what would that be


  • dont you start , I was kidding!image Only 3 years ago I had a ground wrestling bout with a former WWF something championimage -OK I got thrashed but.....
  • hoose,

    seriously, i am a student of martial arts and at my old age of 44 i would not consider competeing anymore, respect

  • I used to play a lot of 5-a-side football, with men.  When I got pregnant with my 2nd child, I gave it up for safety reasons, but it also dawned on me that I was a 35-year-old woman playing footie with 9 men, all of whom were younger than me, and most being about 10 years younger!  I never started it up again after I had my baby.  I am still fit at 41, but I know I'm not as fit as fit men in their 20s!  image
  • mm -packed it in again shortly after as I started smoking again and felt that my bones and running would sufferimage Bit daft really but there you go.

    My aim now is doing  ultras and stopping my COPD in its tracksimage

    you look fit Vickyimage

  • Vicky, would you play football with peeps the same age as you
  • hoose,

    ultras, now that is something i would'nt go near

  • Home time wrote (see)
    Vicky, would you play football with peeps the same age as you
    Oh yes, definitely! 
  • I aint near them yet HT but eventually I will be doing themimage
  • thats something to aim for, way too much training for me
  • was gonna say it keeps me off the streets but..........
  • come on kit spit!  btw -we have Hardy ,now but where is Laurel? Is she too busy analizing?

    which one?

    the thread when I was reluctant to join a judo club? (which I did and got to do the bout mentioned above)

    the threads where I mentioned my not looking like a proper runner and the forum Sigmunds decided to give analysis-lol?image

    which ones?

  • not forgetting the threads you havent spell checked
  • asboslutly HTimage
  • There's not much I think i'd shy away from TBH Home!! image I'm now 34 and about 18 in my head!! Big kid really!! image

    Never been fitter in my life I dont think and having just done a 12 mile training run comfortably am currently loving my running, i'd be doing a lot more stuff if I had more time to myself!! image

    I do pick up the odd item of clothing though, think twice, and put it back thinking i'd look a bid sad and trying to look younger than I am!! I live in sportswear really and always have done!! image

  • I gave up British Military Fitness classes when I was 57 - they were great fun but I found I was just getting a bit too inflexible so I decided to concentrate on my long distance stuff - am going to have another go at their 100 miler if my paws hold out.
  • " and at my old age of 44 "

    jeezus - some of you lot are digging an early grave aren't you??

    I'm 57 next month and have 2 marathons in April (did my 1st at 50) and an Ironman distance triathlon in August (my 4th having completed 1st at 52).

    sure, I'm not as flexible as I was when I was younger (I've sat to put my socks on fo years!!!) or as physically tough as when I was playing rugby but I think I'm probably as aerobically fit - maybe fitter - so with the benefit of stamina that age brings can go for longer. luckily my joints are still fine!

    you're as old as you feel - mentally and physically - and it amazes me when I hear people often much younger say they can't do this or that - of course they can, they just don't have the right mindset to try.

    I'll stop when I drop
  • Home time wrote (see)


    seriously, i am a student of martial arts and at my old age of 44 i would not consider competeing anymore, respect

    I don't know of any of my sensei's in this country or in Japan who are still at the tender age of 44.

    They are all also still competing

  • FB - It's not a question of 'giving up' it's a realistic assessment of what is and isn't possible as your body changes with age - especially if you have done many years of one kind of activity it can well impact on your ability to do others, hence my own inflexibilty through too much distance combined with weight training. In addition coz ize a laydee I have the dreaded post menopausal body alterations to cope with.
  • BBH - I'm not questioning people on here giving up as clearly most haven't but I'm querying many who simply HAVE given up because they feel they are

    a) too old (define too)
    b) too busy (as are many)
    c) too fat (do something about it)
    d) too many excuses!!

    yes, you have to be realistic and adapt your training and goals accordingly but that's no excuse not to try imho. I was listening to a 95yr old on the radio last week who is still abseiling and is doing a charity 220' abseil this May. If I get to 95 I want to be like her......
  • FB -aren't you confusing excuses with reasons?
  • There's nothing I've given up, or won't do, because I think I'm too old.

    I don't wear tiny short skirts, or have acres of skin on show (except in the gym, or running in the summer) because I think it looks chavvy - whatever age you are. 

    (Having said that, I think it looks even worse on the flabbier and/or wrinklier women!)

  • At the ripe old age of 49 and 3/4 I have found that I can no longer pee quite as high up a wall as I could when I was 14 image
  • Wilkie - I generally agree but have also developed a fear of looking like 'mutton'.

  • hi buddha,

    not yet to give up yet, just more realistic as to what my body is capable off,although i do keep pushin it and suffering for it sometimes.

    my mind on the other hand is what gets me hurt,as it constantly tells me i can do things as well as i used to when i was 18 image

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    I used to go for nights out where I could eat my cake and have it (some time later).  Can't cope with that like I used to.

    Life's too short to give up on friends like I used to.  Used to think I could do it all myself, but now realise I need help.  I hope my friends are old enough to realise the same...

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