5k to 10k & beyond

I xtrain quite a lot, 1 fairly aerobic 2hr sesh of kung fu a week (includes stretching), 1 gym sesh (weights + xtrain warmup), orienteering when I can and 1-2 runs a week else. This is partly to avoid injury (niggly knee & back) & partly because I love it. I really want to move up in distance but I just can't seem to get over 5 miles - I just get knackered- any advice?


  • i've just managed to get to 5.5 miles and for me the key is to go as slow as you can at the start of the run. also i give myself a route where there's no copout - i have to do the route - or walk home. finally, enjoy looking aroud, thinking about what you're doing at the weekend, destressing, then you'll think less about how knackered you're feeling and will be able to keep going! (at least this works for me!)
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