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  • Me too
  • funny if everyone posted same thing.
  • oh b*ll*cks - took too long typing my own thread starter
  • I've got a thread starter in my head Mike but I'm not staying up late to post it!
    I like my sleep.

    What: am rest, pm 8M steady.

    Why: I need an easy day, but I plan to train hard over the bank holiday.

    Last rest: Sat
    Last hard: Yesterday.
  • nothing
    lazy hippo
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    what: rest
    why: rode a set 10m course on my bike last night and was 3 minutes over what I can do it in so legs must be tired, want to do a long run tomorrow too.

    Are birds nesting at the moment because I was thinking of cutting down some bushes and conifers today?
  • What:- 14 miles, steady

    Why: - 'cos its start of half term and probably won't get much chance to get out next week!

    Longest run since FLM, though have done a half mara 3 weeks ago so should be OK

    Last rest - yesterday

    Last hard - Mondays' 10k race

    Have good weekend all
  • morning.

    also nowt. maybe a swim later.

  • what: nothing
    why: 6.5 yesterday and 10 tomorrow

    popsider - yes they are nesting so leave bushes/hedges 'til later.
  • What: A brisk walk. With my running shoes on.
    Why: Time I did something, and the motivation is creeping back. I am SO glad to see it.
    Last rest: All bloomin' week.
    Last hard day: Saturday's dynamic resistance training with backpack.
    Next rest: Most of next week, while staying with family, unless I can persuade some of them to climb a hill or two with me.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    What: Zilch.
    Why: 1) It's Friday and I'm out for a few beers, and 2) I'm running less this week in preparation for race on Monday.
    Last hard: Yesterday - was supposed to be a steady/easy run but it felt HARD!
    Last rest: Wednesday.

    Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone!
  • Morning everyone. 30 minutes cycle drills followed by 60 minutes swimming drills.
  • Morning everyone

    What: spinning class and swim
    Why: had planned easy day just swimming but friend convinced me to go spinning too!
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Sat
  • morning folks

    didn't get to post yesterday so belated "well dones" to drew, BR & MM. Hope leg mends soon laura and kids finally go to sleep snicks!. Enjoyed my hilly 10k on weds eve. A real "Grand old duke of York" course -
    he had 200 runners
    he ran them up to the top of the hill
    he ran them round and round
    and he ran them down again

    Hill = ca 600foot climb over a mile, judging by the outcome for some of my faster colleagues it adds about 4 min -4min30 to the flat 10k time. I went well at the start, and up the hill struggled in the mist at the top, ran Ok down (this was what i really wanted to practice) but oh dear. the last mile run in was like treacle and got caught by 4. Such a chnage from Sunday, but I'd had no rest days so I reckon it just caught up with me :-(

    What :rest on Thursday and today should be 8x800 15kph treadmill intervals but I'll shorten recovery to 300m jog
    Why : speed and LA tolerance
    last hard day : weds
    last rest : thurs

    Enjoy w/end racing folks, and easy on the cakes.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    What: pool exercises, to stink crowded to attempt to swim. (Realized my state of temper wouldn't permit me to swim graciously nose to tail amongst the varied company I would be keeping.)

    With luck my running partner will be around for a run this evening, thinking 4-6m along the river.

    Leaning towards the Abingdon marathon: at least I have easy accomodation there, and one ought to at least attempt a marathon once in a lifetime. Pretty stupid idea in other ways, as my l. foot still turns into a flipper after two hours or so, and no, I won't have finished by then.

    The other possibility is to try and find a long-distance trail run.
  • Morning One and all

    What : nothing till Monday (10k)- tweaked my ankle running on a trail last night and still coughing like a 60-a-day man. Still as I like my work colleagues so much I thought I'd bring my illness in to work for all to share! :-)

    Have a good weekend everyone!
  • Morning.

    Racing tonight. Four-race series over the bank hols (Tour of the Derwent Valley - hilly 5-milers type thing - aiming to do 3, might do the set, might do 1!). Travelling up this afternoon. Hooray! So no training updates til Monday night - can you bear to wait? ;-)

    Have a great weekend, everyone, and don't be at home to Mr Injury.
  • Still Ill some nothing again today!!

    That's no training now since Monday!!!

    Getting withdrawl symptons!!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone,

    What: am - 4 miles recovery run, pm - 8 miles or speed session, not sure what yet as it depends on my legs which currently feel totally ****ed

    Why: day 3 of 6 day crash training programme

    This programme involves consecutive and intensive hard days followed by an equal amount of recovery days. Find out if it works during Sheffield 1/2 on 1st June.

    Last hard day: yesterday's 15 miles which included 3 x 2k at 5k pace

    Last rest: Tuesday
  • Haha!
    Beat you Barnsleyrunner! Probably the only time this year that I will beat you (remember that Worsbrough 5 miler where I did beat you? Ingrained into my memory 33.02 - how slow?!)

    What: nowt this am, possibly 2 or 3 this afternoon.
    Why: why not? (also something to put on here!)
    What: some long stretching for back and legs.
    Why: because I got in the magazine!
    Last hard day: last night, recceing the Barnsley Boundary Race leg. Cowmuck up my leg!
  • Morning All,
    thanks everyone for your words of encouragement yesterday, I guess we all need a boost from time to time and this is without question the place to come for that! Can't believe I stayed away as long as I did.

    Well I'm really going to have to start training like a maniac if I'm not to completely lose sight of Drew but I'll start tomorrow.....

    What: nowt
    Why: Rest day (enforced, I've got to get down to Brighton today)
    Last hard run: Wednesday
    Last rest day: Today

    Have a great weekend all, best of luck to everyone racing, see you Monday.

  • Well done Dan. I was up early enough to post on here before work but went for a run instead.

    Was last night's run hard? We did knock about 10 mins off the last attempt. Averaged 8:20 per mile!!

    This pm will do 20 min tempo run up and down the canal. Not done one for a while.
  • Hello all. Well done on your races from Weds. Didn't post yesterday. Did a 5K race on Weds, very wet and feeling drained after having a cold. So fairly OK about getting my second fastest time ever, and gives me a good target for the next one in the series (Lincoln 5K series).

    Hurt my knee so am trying a new approach and not trying to run through it, like I normally do. It's feeling better already, so hopefully will test it tommorow. However, due to illness + injury, it means all I've done since last Friday is 2 races and a gentle 3 miler!

    Did get out for a 15 mile cycle ride this morning before work though.

    Hope you all have a good weekend, whatever you are doing.
  • What: Maybe 5m or rest
    Why: Adopted the little and often approach rather than the long and infrequent.

    Would be the fourth day in a row and whilst legs feel a bit jaded the knees much better, reverted back to my old shoes.

    Have a good weekend
  • Tempted back...thanks Wardi, Speedie, Laura and Monique. I feel a bit daft as rest day, rest day, rest day isn't that interesting. However, I'm planning on upping my training as I want to do a half marathon soon - I may do Buxton but having just read that it starts off 3 miles uphill I'm a little worried. This week I should manage 4/5. My mileage has only been about 15m/week.

    What: club night, I think it may be a handicap race tonight
    Why: because it is Friday
    Last hard: Wednesday - club hill training on local park + run home (my legs still hurt)
    Last rest: yesterday

    p.s. Popsider I saw a blue tit in the front conifer this morning so perhaps check before you get carried away with the chainsaw..
  • Alison, don't worry just build mileage gradually. I was only doing 10/12 miles per week, with a "long run" of 5 up to December. Then found I had FLM place and after 3 and half months completed the marathon! I am still amazed by this! And am now regularly running 24 - 28 miles/ week regularly.

    I'm by no means fast, my times are v average, but I'm faster, fitter, stronger than I was, both physically and mentally! GO FOR IT!

    V-rap, glad to hear you're recovering and the running shoes are back on! Good luck

    Good luck to all racers, I'm away with kids for weekend, hopefully being pampered by willing grandparents! May even abandon them and get out for short run!
  • oops! only meant to say regularly once! But I am very regular!!!
  • Afternoon all
    What: 12 miles, at 65% HR 1:38
    Why: only third run this week, can't run tomorrow - wanted to run further than 10 miles
    Drew - where do you get your training progs from, a coach, inernet, magazine or book?
    SFH legs sounds like fun!
    V-rap - well done on getting motivated
    Good luck racing!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Snicks, sounds like a very satisfying run for you today. Good time and very low HR. All that training must be paying off!!!!

    Is the picture from Carry on Doctor? If it is what is the signifigance?

    Tend to research all my stuff on the internet and experiment to see what happens. One of the best resources is PP Online

    Lots of interesting stuff and hours of reading.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    My link vanished. You'll just have to cut and paste it instead -

    or pponline
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