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  • Hi NZC,

    Awaiting results of last week's neck scan...I suspect that in the short term that the vertebrae will be have a further cortisone based injection...had a procedure last summer that seems to have worked on the right hand side of the neck, but not the right. Long term I may have to have a more substantial operation, if I understand correctly, where a wire may be inserted...don't want to know about this option yet!
    Thanks for your interest! What happened following your son-in-law's neck problem?
    Also, have I ever asked you if you know Tina Wild? 

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    welcome Leah and Dave

    Well done Clink and Wabo

    What - club handicap tonight, a good tempo run, 1/2m warm up on the track, then off, 5m in 35:18 and holding back a bit, felt strong, but groin weak.... then 1/2m cool down, total time of 43:33 for 6m
    Why - Fun and miles.....
    Last Hard - Tonight
    Last rest - Fri

    Take care

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Alehouse - it is a considered approach. My current fitness has me running 12M at 7:00 pace and 16M at 7:30 pace. As I said the pace for a GFA of 3:30 is 8:00 pace and I honestly don't think that will make severe demands on my speed. I'm not intending to race Shakespeare - simply to expend as little energy as possible to get round in under 3:30. The major risk isn't handling the pace, it's whether or not my biomechanics can cope. I don't intend to bust a gut doing this, just basically want to get the GFA attempt out of the way ASAP, bearing in mind that the latest Marathon I could run for GFA would have to be by Mid August anyway.

    If I do manage GFA then I will enter VLM2011, the target being to go sub 3hrs. However if I'm not whereI hope to be by start of November next I won't bother with VLM and acceot that it's beyond me, and reconsider for 2012.

    My only current concession will be to do three 20 milers at 8:00 pace between now and the Shakespeare race. Apart from that all my training between now and November next will be geared towards my Summer and Autumn targets.

    In summary this is not a "shit or bust" approach, just more a "suck it and see" Realistically the limiting factor in this is not the speed at which I can run, but whether my biomechanics can cope with the distance.
  • evening

    Hi to Leah & Dave1862

    Clink - sounds like a good outing at Wythenshaw yesterday, well done

    Does sound like your appointment was well worth it Moraghan, even if you've got a few things to thin k about..... I'd be making an appointment myself if the guy lived 100 miles further west....

    Things sound about as good as they can be for now Alehouse...just hope for the best from that scan...

    what: 6 miles in 46:45
    why: ticking over & keeping everything loose 

    Compression socks back on, and they may well have helped from 2 miles onwards, when I began to feel the suggestion that something might be about to tighten on the left side....but it never developed any further. I'd wear tham all the time, but they do pinch at the top in my experience.
    Slow running in dismal & damp conditions, but "slow" is better than "no". Glad to get the mileage in and calves feel reasonable after a good stretch.

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