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Morning Peeps

You don't mean to say I have managed to post one of these Threads before anyone else!!! It's gonna be a good day.



  • Today is a slow, gentle 5-miler. If all goes well, I can categorically say, my injuries are no more!!!
  • Good for you, RRR

    Well, I must make chocolate cake at midnight more often. there is a fantastic aroma in the kitchen this morning! :-)
  • decided not to go running
    feel guilty already
    off to cardiff tonight
  • Mornign everyone, have a wonderful day
  • Ello everybody <waves>

    Run Rabbit "Well done"

    Scamper "mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate cake"

    Hippo "don't feel guilty , enjoy Cardiff"

    Helen " Morning and thank you , you too"
  • Morning all!!

    If not running is something to feel guilty about then I've been guilty for the last couple of weeks :(

    "Friendship Fun" has a naughty ring to it somehow (tee hee) or is that just my dirty mind!
  • Guilty as charged , nurse take him down
  • It's a step up combine with a bit of a break - I don't think walking's as tough as running. I'd say try a run of 8-9 again.
  • Yeah - go on EP!
  • yeah why not - if my footsies bettwe by next year
  • Hadrian's Wall is definitely on my agenda, Pixie. I'd have liked to walk it in 4 or 5 stages with Kevin this summer, but she'd not sure she wants a walking holiday. If Mr V-rap and I can hive the other kids off to the grannies for a week, she might be more willing to come along with both of us. Wonder how long it will take before the Great Hadrian's Wall Trail Race becomes an annual fundraising event.
  • Isn't Hadrian's Wall on the nether side of the border?

    I've been to lots of different parts of it and walked some stretches in the past, but it would be nice to do the lot - as 20-ish miles a day with a bit of time to look at the forts and camps, and a decent meal and a bed with a roof over it every night. And luggage transfer.
  • Morning all! - 84 miles???. Feel tired just thinking about it. Actually, I just feel tired full stop - had a rotten night last night with about 3 hours kip and I'm afraid the old Touche Eclat just aint working on the old dark circles this morning......grumpy old bag alert....
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    hello everyone

    blimey, not even 9am and youre talking about walking 84 miles...! my knees still hurting from trying to keep up at the club run yesterday!

  • morning all... realised as I was walking in to work this morning that I don't have to be in on Monday so cheered up considerably!!

    Went for a short run last night and felt good so am looking forward to the next one now...

    84miles? - 'bring it on'!!!!
  • Hello, girls! Katy, darling, you look just wonderful even after a sleepless night but you're not leaving this house with all that gunk plastered to your face. And let me look behind your ears...

    84 miles is less than the distance that Benz will have covered in marathons by the middle of June. It could be a great activity holiday even if it's too long for a race.
  • Awww Mum............!!!

    84 miles is still awesome. I'm psyching myself up for my 10k on Monday - haven't run all week (bad, bad, bad) and the friend I'm going to stay with in Manchester will no doubt have some wild nights out planned for us - I fear the worst.....
  • You'll be fine, Katy. If your old mother could manage a 5-mile PB after spending the entire night walking around London dressed in a bra and not much else, a young lass like you should have no problem galloping round a 10K after a heavy weekend. Just make sure you remember to take matching underwear in case you get knocked down by a bus during the race.
  • Ermm - v-rap, you are staring to scare me now as you are sounding EXACTLY like the real thing (do you know my mother by any chance?- grey hair, terrible driver, terminal worrier - that sort of thing?)
  • I would love to do the 84miler.

    Do you think it's only polite we ask Hadrian if we can walk his wall?
  • I shall ask Kevin to write a letter to Hadrian in her best Latin. I can't do it myself nowadays because I've forgotten all the Latin I knew apart from the medical terms.

    I was being MY mother, Katy. Wonder whether you're really my long-lost sister or if all mothers turn out the same in the end. I'm heading that way myself - terrible driver, starting to get the occasional strand of white hair, seem to do nothing but nag. I threw out the kids' paints and shouted at them last night when all the poor little mites had done was to paint some pictures...and the table...and the floor...and their clothes...and spill painty water everywhere. I was restrained compared to my own mother, though. She walloped the living daylights out of me when I did things like that.
  • My practice manager must've read the Riot Act to the evening receptionists over their refusal to make the coffee, because one of them - the less stroppy one - is working this morning and she has brought me three cups of coffee in the past hour :-)

    I've had three separate patient complaints about the really stroppy one this week. Wish the blighters would put something in writing instead of just whingeing to me, because then we could deal with the matter formally.
  • Happy FRIDAY peeps :o)
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