Where can I get the cheapest printer cartridges?

Either online or in a shop? It's time I got new onesimage Thanks!


  • I tend to find mine on ebay, obviously you take your chances a bit, but I've not had any problems so far and you can get some good deals (I usually buy from ebay shops rather than private sellers).

    It's ages since I've bought any, though, so can't recommend a specific shop.

  • I buy cannon and brother ripoffs on amazon, full house of every colour for 15 quid.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I got some from  here that I thought were pretty cheap, and were fine quality wise - although I don't print huge volumes so I'm probably not the best judge on that.  Very quick delivery too.
  • Thanks! I'll give either Amazon or your suggestion a try, Nessie!
  • ijtdirect also, try promo code XXX25 for further half price reductions, if that promo is still on from last week.
  • I've been using Inkfactory.com for ages.  Really fast delivery.  No idea about prices: haven't really looked for ages!  When I first started using them it was definitely much cheaper to buy from them than the shops. I have wondered if the cheaper ranges are actually cheaper because there's less ink in the cartridge or something!
  • we've a load of surplus HP cartridges at work, what type do you want?

  • Many thanks Mr P! Alas I use a Canon printer Pixma iP3500 for which I use CLI-8 for the colours and PGI-5BK for the black cartridge. That's very kind of you though!image
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