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Hello all.

I am following (to the letter) the Garmin sub-3.15 schedule at the moment on my 305 Forerunner. It's going well and I am hitting the top (quicker) end of the target times without too much trouble. I add in a rowing maching session on the Sunday and mix in some sit ups and light weights during the week.

I am going Skiing for a week on the 13th and I am really worried that I will ruin my training schedule. The reality is that I am unlikely to be able to devote the time needed (and might not have the space to run) for the Week 7 Training which includes:

Sat 5M (approx 42 mins) easy
Sun 18M (approx 2hrs 30) slow
Mon 4M (approx 35 mins) easy
Tue 1M jog, then 12 x 2 mins up hill, jog back. Then 1M jog at end of session
Wed 11M (approx 90 mins) slow
Thu 8M (approx 60 mins) steady

I might be able to do some reshuffling but the real question is, what is my the best plan off attack? Should I just attempt some of the days as see how it goes or should I create a completly different agenda (say 6M brisks and Fartleks each day) and make up the distance the following week?

All input, suggestions and advice welcome - if this has been covered in a separate thread please just point me in that direction (I couldn't find a search tool!).

Many thanks



  • Missing a week of training won't do any harm. You certainly shouldn't look at making up the mileage the week after as that'll just overload you - just resume the schedule. I guess if there are runnable roads around then you could certainly do some running, and many hotels will have gyms with treadmills, but don't forget you're going there for a skiing holiday, not to train for a marathon. The more important thing is not to fall over and damage anything.

  • I'd leave the trainers at home and enjoy the skiing holiday.
  • I agree with fatface, just enjoy the slopes. That is a form of exercise in itself I suppose? Granted it's not as intense as running but it's not like you're sat on a sunbed all day.
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    I was skiing last week, and managed just about to stick to the 3.30 plan.

    The long run is the one not to miss, so I brought forward the first weekend one to Friday.

    The rest I did on a treadmill - was lucky to have one in our hotel, so the only drawbacks were boredom and having to do the first one barefoot as my luggage had got lost! If you're skiing in Europe, the lifts will probably be closed by 4.30 so there's time after you get in from the slopes, if you really feel the need.

    I should say that since I've got back, I did my long run on Sunday and haven't been out since - it could be that  those treddie sessions have killed my enthusiasm dead, so beware !!

    I'd probably agree with the "just enjoy the skiing" philosophy image

  • Thanks for responses - gives me some comfort that my target Marathon time will not be blown out of the water if I slack off a bit that week. I guess I am really close to it at the moment and need to stand back and get perspective. I will take the trainers but I won't feel guilty if I can't stick to the schedule or indeed don't want to stick to the schedule . . . I'll just give myself a hard time in week 8 if I am off the pace! image
  • As long as you've put in the work through the other weeks then a week off will do no harm.

     Skiing isn't exactly an easy sport either so you will still be active.

    I'd forget about the week as far as running is concerned and definately don't try to make up for it when you get home.

  • Well, I didn't run a jot for around 10 days and managed to do the 20 miles yesterday in 2.40hrs (in the pouring rain as well)! I had a fantastic week skiing as well, by the way image.
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