Post race pain

I need some advice please. I ran the R4L 5k on Sunday, and did very nicely thankyou very much. I stretched after the race, jogged back to the car, and took 2 days rest. I ran 4.5k on Wednesday and my thihgs were sore, but astretched and decided it was par for the course. Thursday woke up and thighs were very very painful, struggled to get down the stairs. So I went for a gentle cycle ride to loosen them up, which didn't relly help.

Now it's Friday and I'm seriously considering going down the stairs on my bum...........I'm in pain!!! I can't afford a there anything I can do to make the pain subside??

Thanks Fin.


  • It'll get better, Fin. And next time you do something stupid like running three miles twice within a few days, your thigh muscles will be ready for the challenge.

    Persistent muscle pain after a race is usually caused by lots of tiny tears to the muscle fibres. The healing process is part of the training effect and takes place on rest days. It's common for your aerobic fitness to outstrip your muscle strength during the early months of running, but with persistence your legs will catch up.

    Gentle application of ice-packs to your legs may help ease the pain. So might an anti-inflammatory painkiller like ibuprofen 400mg three times a day.

    Happy running! (But not today, perhaps...)
  • ICE BATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously. just the thing, you should have eben in one right after the race.

    it's only acclimatisation to the amout of and intensity of excercise you did in such a short time period.

  • Thanks guys, I have tried an cold shower, am a bit chicken for an ice bath but I'll give it a go! I admit I assumed as 5k wasn't that far for me that I could manage it. It's as you say the intensity. I was dead excited with a time of 21 mins, so I guess I got a bit ahead of myself. I've learnt my lesson and will rest for a few days.

  • 21 minutes? That is ace! Well done.
  • Thanks lol. wishing id done it a bit more sensibly now though! ( well almost)
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