Best shoes for orthotics

I'm a heavy (14 st) overpronator with *very* flat feet. I wear Superfeet orthotics to correct this.

I've tried Brooks motion control shoes, but they don't have enough cushioning.

Can anyone recommend suitable running shoes?



  • Your nearest running shop will probably give you the best advice. You can also try a variety of shoes, perhaps even run up the road in them prior to purchase.
    I had the same problem as you but was a bit lighter and found that mizuno gave me the best cushioning by far. I have wave creation at the moment but next time will probably get wave legend if they can give me better motion control.
  • Brooks worked for me (I named myself after my shoes) although training for FLM means I am now nearer 13 than 14stone but still wearing Orthoses. I think it is a case of finding a specialist shop and trying a few on.
  • The superfeet, are they of the shelf or do they have anymodifications other than the molding machaine thing some stockists have??
  • you need nuetral well cushioned shoes.

    try nike air kantara or nike pegasus.

    or ascics gel kayano

    or adidas a3 cushioning only series.

    something with only one colour in the cushioning unit(whihc is the bit between the rubber outsole and the sock of theshoe, ie. the foamy bit)

    if the foamy bit it only white/one colour, then it's likely to be a nuetral cushioning shoe, and therefore the onfor you.

    if you don't know what i mean, look at the gel 2080's and you'll see the grey bit on the inside of the shoe, that'sa motion control feature,which you don't need because the orthotics are correcting your gait anyway, and to try to geta shoe designed to correct your gait also, will only 'over correct' the gait, and cause further hassle.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    just to say, the kantara and the kayano are both stability shoes, not neutral, as they have the grey bit as well on the inside of the shoe that belfast phil is telling you about

    I wouldn't go straight for neutral shoes though, it depends on the orthotics and how much they correct your gait (I have seen a lot of people with orthotics whose orthotics are designed to be worn in conjunction with support shoes). Get someone like a running shop member of staff or a specialist in sports injuries to give you advice on what type of shoes to buy, after they have looked at your feet with and without the orthotics
  • The above is good advice, so many considerations. On the opposite if they were not intended for use in motion control shoes then ovrcorrection leading to lateral ankle instability etc can and does occur.
    Steve (2nd yr podiatry student).
  • I have very flat feet and i find the saucony grid omni are very good
  • I was running with my orthotics but with nike running shoes, and developed problems with my knee. My podiatrist reccommended Saucony Grid Omnis with the orthotics, and they've been fantastic - I was able to train again after 3 days and ran a 10K 2 weeks later with no problems. The staff in the running shop where I bought them seemed surprised about the combination of shoes/orthotics, but they really appear to have done the business.
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