knee problem (strange one though!!)

hi all, been having problems with my left knee, was about 4 miles into a run and something felt sort of sharp on the inside of the joint, not particularly painful, but annoying! this seems to have improved but im now getting pain at the back of my knee and i seem to have no "pushing"  strength i.e. i can do a single leg squat with my right , but not my left. Went to the doctors with the initial problem, she couldnt find anything wrong so refered my to physio, she also found nothing wrong! im not a hypochondriac or anything but i KNOW that somethings not right. any ideas???


  • go and get a second oppinion, ask to be refered to an orthopeadic consultant with an interest in sports related injuries, as your gp is exactly what it says on the tin. You may need to be persistant as a lot of doctors think that your able to walk so be happy with that. Worst case senario, be refered privately and pay for the consultation, you can always swap onto the NHS list if you need treatment. I hope this helps image
  • thanks for replying RP, im going back next week to kick up a fuss!
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