Gear for skinny girl!

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Hello - had great racing shoe recommendations a while back (got lunaracers and they are great image)

Anyway now I am struggling with kit - I especially need some new shorts as they are currently falling down, but I've found that very few shops stock a 6 and I really need to try them on because I want the tight short style (like the addidas ones).

Anyone know of places in London that stock women's extra small sized gear? I'm off up to Bradford this weekend so I will try the big running shop there but last time they only had 1 thing in my size (I needed long joggers then) which were the nike's xsmall size, so I really need to find a shop with regular stocks!

I see plenty of skinny runners out on embankment so you must be getting your gear somewhere!!! 

What is it with shops not really stocking the smaller sizes image, they always have tons of large stuff - its not fair.


  • Curly45 wrote (see)

    What is it with shops not really stocking the smaller sizes image, they always have tons of large stuff - its not fair.

    image You have GOT to be joking! What did you consider to be large? Every running shop I've ever been in has had a STACK of XS stuff and nothing bigger than a size 12!

    I did once consider starting a company called "FAT GIRLS RUN TOO" because at the time I LITERALLY had nothing to wear....image

    I guess your problem is just at the opposite end of the scale to where mine was, so I do sympathise though.....

    But as you're a skinny, not too much.....imageimage

  • Hahahaha sorry LB image

    (I used to be a 10/12 before I took up running but slowly the weight has been dropping off - not my fault  I am now a super skinny image)

  • I blame my mother.....

    Its the German genes!image

    And possibly the wineimage

  • How did i manage to get bigger after I started running image

    guess it must be all the jelly babies and wine gums image

    sorry can't help with the gear though. You could always order online and send things back if they are too big.

  • I've just eaten 5 donuts if that makes you feel any better! 

    I'm finding it hard to find any shorts online in my size too image  - weirdly Next seem to have a few bits in their sportsgear section but none of the type of shorts I am looking for *ho hum*

  •  I actually haven't been on the scales recently I'm just guessing I'm heavier. Haven't noticed my clothes falling off unfortunately!

    I'm after some of those shorts too, if I see any I will let you know. To be honest I haven't started looking yet as i am still in my long thermals image

  • Cool thanks - I need mine for racing mostly I as sweat a lot image
  • Skinny sweaty girls eating donuts image

    Big girls wearing shorts munching wine gums image image

    German girls with nothing to wear drinking wine image image image

    This has gotta be the hottest thread there's been for years!!! image image image image

  • Drat - I got sensible answers when I asked about shoes...

    What did I do wrong this time?? image

  • You asked on Friday evening image

    Edit:  by the way Curly, I'm sure you're worth more than one image , but that's just the way the dynamic of the post went image

  • Not offended CM but more tongue poking would be good in future image
  • Curly look at the Ronhill childrens range, one of the slimmy's down my gym wears it,
    Might be suitable for you. (ive no idea about womens sizes)

    No offence meant, trying to be helpfull

  • Curly45 wrote (see)
    Not offended CM but more tongue poking would be good in future image
    I'll sure do the best I can image just give me half an excuse image
  • What's with the "Hmmmm...... ???"  Come on - what's on your mind?

  • Thanks Squeakz - I'll have a look - might be too tall though... its been suggested I try childrens wear for normal clothes too (I struggle with them as well!) so I'll have to HTFU and not worry so much about looking like a twat trying them on image
  • I wear Addidas aged 11-12 try LOADS cheaper than adult stuff!
  • Thanks Kirstie - how tall are you by the way? I am 5 6 so not petite but not tall either...
  • ps all good things come in small packages!
  • Hi Curly 45 image

    Im 4'10 and size 6/8 very petite lmao all sorts of probs re clothing and shoes, I tend to buy triathlon gear as theres loads out there in a size 6... and the items fit a lot better and cling in the right places. New balance (running) are a very small fit I buy an 8 in them, quintanroo do a 6, 2XU are a very small fit too youl need to look on charts for sizing tho....

  • I also find that kiddies adidas shorts fit well.  I'm 5ft 7 (plus another half inch which is very important to me!) and don't have any probs with the length as I would have expected.

    I'm currently running in karrimor trousers tho and they would be way more comfortable if I could have got a smaller size.  They're an 8 which I thought would be fine but they're pretty flappy which is surprising as I have a sturdy set of thighs on me!!

  • Thanks for all the help guys image

    I finally got some shorts at sportshoes in Bradford - acsis extra small which are a size 6/8 (and only £9.99) and perfect for now...if I lose any more weight I'll be into the childrens stuff have a scout around image

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