I went to a physio yesterday at a sports injuries clinic, and got a substitute physio, cos my normal one is away.
To paraphrase her, I got "you runners are all the same..you run marathons and then complain about injuries...blah blah blah". She told me I shouldn't run another marathon this year, cos its bad for you.
I don't pay that money to get told to stop doing something I enjoy! I want them to help me fix whats wrong, and show me how to prevent it happening again!!!
Mind you, as this sports injury clinic is in a poncy gym, the most common injury the probably treat is a broken nail.
grrrr...it makes me so mad I could spit!

Had to get that off my chest..can't wait til the real physio gets back!


  • would she rather we didn't run at all and all die of fat peoples diseases instead of keep her in a highly-paid job sorting our aches n pains out? Must be money for old rope most of the runners she sees surely?
  • I'd better hope she doesn't read this site, else next time it'll be a cattle prod up me b#m instead of accupuncture.
    might be worth a try tho!
  • TD - doesn't sound as crap as the physio I went to. She had a treatment room at home and worked evenings and weekends which suited me. Her house was filthy and she had two screaming children. She couldn't tell me what was wrong and told me to go and see my doctor and then tried to part me with my money. Yeah, right!!!
  • I've got a sore big toe and went to see the orthopaedic surgeon and was basically told to stop running. Stuff that!

    I'm due back next week for my pre-FLM cortisone injection (they kindly rescheduled the appointment originally booked in for March 25th!)

  • good look Fruitster!
  • Cheers Alan :-)
  • er I mean good luck!
  • boing
  • Found it TD. :-(((

    Sounds like a particularly cr@p encounter with the medical profession. Nothing like my surgery!

    Well, hope it gets better. <<healing medical type hug>> For every story of being told to stop running by a physio, there is one of people who go on to never need physio attention again. A few years ago I was at the physio 3 times a week with a dodgy nerve in my back and they told me it would be unlikely I'd be able to run much in the future. Well bumheads to them cos I've done 2 marathons and all sorts since then. So there.
  • Cheers Doc! I'm sure it'll be better soon, its just p!ssing me off abit cos I've only got 3 weeks til Edinburgh, and I've only managed one "long" run of 15.5 since London!
  • Yeah absolutely Dr!

    I was told 2 years ago not to run again.... I think they were right though...!
  • I thought you had stopped Greeny! ;)
  • You'll be reet, TD. 3 weeks out and you shouldn't be doing too much anyway. Many more years of marathoning ahead of you my dear, so no rush this time.

    Greeny - what do they know eh? These medical types - complete frauds, some of em!
  • I was just about to write something sympathetic TD.... pah!

    Nope, you can't trust 'em Dr Nic... imposters...
  • That's why you lot are so lucky to have me & Dr Helen to look after you!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    no scandinavian nurses though
  • hmmmm. I do worry about your acupuncture techniques...not sure its quite hygenic
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    sur it's more hygenic than a magpie eating dogy
  • dogs
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    both of them?
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