Saturday 6th February 2010

Never started a thread before - this seemed appropriate - just finished a reasonably long run for me!

What: 13 miles - 3 miles flat then out to the 5 mile point and return. Took it easy on the way out and came home stronger. Could still feel my leg not right but pretty happy to get this run in.

Why: Rotorua Marathon - 1 May!

Good running everyone!


  • Morning NZC - Good start, good lyrics funnily enough i was listening to them the other day thinking brilliant lyrics and a good one to start the thread. Great minds eh!

    Glad the run went well hope it eases soon though

    What: 6-10 miles depends how i feel when i get up
    Why: need to work on Endurance
    Last Hard: Thursday
    Lyrics: I do love the singer

  • morning all.

    Great run there NZC.  

    Very annoyed to have been awake siince around 4.30 on a saturday morning.  And to wake up feeliing as bad as I do - headache and grumpy.   I tried going back to sleep but only managed a restless doze so got up at 6.30.  Not the best start to a long run but hey ho.

    What: aiming for ~17 LSR but I will go as I feel
    Why: marathon training
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: 7Jan

    No idea on the lyrics.  Back later.

  • Morning!

    Great start to the thread NZC - glad to see you're long running again.

    Tom - sounds positive. I've found that when my hamstring is bad it will allow me to bimble for miles and long as I don't ask for any effort.

    Mava - also didn't sleep in as long as I would have liked despite a later than normal night, hopefully we'll both sleep through half our runs!

    What:                LSR
    Why:                  trying a different combination to get the miles in and keep the knees and hammy happy.
    Last hard:           24/1.
    Last rest:             1/2.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What: Time trial plus miles I hope
    little roller/turbo session PM
    Why: I may have damagaed a rib or two yesterday in a bike crash
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Friday 29th January
    Last non run day: Friday 5th Feb
    Lyrics: I may do actually
  • What:  a.m. 3m easy + tennis coachin; p.m. 6.3m with drills, strides and 10 * 100m + 1 * 200m @ 800 pace if my back is up to it.  All day:  physio exercises.

    Why:  Faster, healthier and richer.

    Forgot to report yesterday that I got dive bombed by a pit bull. Running round the reservoir I caught a pit bull running down the slope out of the corner of my eye.  Launched itself at me, nearly tripped me up and wouldn't leave me alone.  The owner just stood there, waved a half-arsed sorry and shouted at the dog.  Dog ran back, I started runnning again and it did the same bloody thing.  Good job it was in a good mood - if its boundless aggression is anything like its boundless enthusiasm I would have been in trouble.

    NZC - good luck with the marathon, impressive range!  (if you excuse the pun)

    Tom - fingers crossed

    mava - a long run is just what you need!

    Hope it's nothing serious Gobi.  Tweaked my back yesterday doing something that is supposed to be good for me.

  • Morning folks.

    Hope all are well.

    Sounds like a good start back to mara training NZC. What's the leg issue?

    mava - you'd be surprised what you can do with little sleep - I'm learning quite quickly image

    Gobi - ouch! At speed? Hope it's not too bad.

    Moraghan - my Dad always maintain (and I agree) that any troublesome or uncontrolled dogs are the faults of owners, rather than the dogs themselves. End result is the same though, so it doesn't really matter. I love dogs, but hate lazy owners. A lot of our green areas are riddled with dog poop despite there being loads of poop bins.

    Mrs TT and TT #2 are still in hospital, but should be coming home today, a day later than hoped for - they wanted to observe Mrs TT for a day longer because of the pre-eclampsia. Blood pressure is fine this morning so I can't see any reason they'll be kept in. Both are doing really well, despite the best attempts of the Not Helpful Service to bugger things up - some of the care assistants and midwives are unreal - completely disinterested and, in some cases downright rude. Mrs TT has basically been self-sufficient since day 1, as she quickly realised there was no point looking for help off of any of them.
    As an example, one poor girl turned up the other night after an emergency caesarean. She was on the ward about 90mins (so less than 4 hours post-op and therefore still drugged up, in pain, and most likely in shock) and rang to look for somebody to pass her child across to her (which is what they are told to do) and got ripped out of it. I've seen a lot more stuff in there that beggars belief that I won't bore you with, but suffice to say, Mrs TT's recovery would be a lot quicker if she were at home, rather than in such an environment.

    Anyway, I've spent a lot of time in the hospital this week, as well as obviously taking care of Jr #1, driving to/from nursery/hospital, etc, but somehow I've managed to get a few miles in, primarily courtesy of the fact that they don't allow visitors between 1-3, so once I've got some odds and ends done I've managed to fit in 60-75mins (been too tired to run most mornings though).

    As the last two weeks of January involved a mere 40m of running for various reasons, I have kept any 'efforts' to 80% this week with the majority easy, and even a few recovery jogs, but will be there or thereabouts close to a ton assuming I get a decent long run in tomorrow. Pleasing given the circumstances. I'm really missing the biking, swimming and core/strength/flexibility though. Post-London I will really look to hammer into this, the biking in particular, but given the lack of time at the moment, and circumstances, it looks like running is the most time-friendly form of exercise to fit in (plus can't cycle if I'm not at home most of the time).

    Anyway, waffle aside (sorry folks)....... for today:

    What: 12m easy d&d / possibly 4-8m recovery jog later (or 2 x 4s?).
    Why: wicwic
    Last hard: 80% yesterday.
    Last rest: 31/01.
    Lyrics: So familiar I had to google them. Great song.

    Have a great day all!

  • hello again.

    Sorry to hear about your problems at the hospital TT.  The vast majority of frontline NHS staff are hard working and care deeply about their patients.  There are some bad apples and it's a shame you have experienced them.

    Gobi - ouch.  Hope no major damage done.  What happened.

    Back from my run so I'll post:

    What: 16.1 miles
    Why: LSR
    Last hard: the usual bit of that
    Last rest: 7 Jan

    Did the route down to Tonbridge again which means a long stretch uphill in the second half.  I did a lot of walking to keep HR low.  I also turned off the autolap and the time elapsed on the garmin so I didn't get hung up on my pace.  I'm pleasantly surprised to get back and see the pace was around 30secs/mile faster than I thought it was.

    That run takes me to 56.75 in the last 7 days (including last sunday's 10 mile PB) so my legs are feeling it.  

  • Morning peeps.

    Not been on for a few days, busy at work and kids on pc at home !

    What: 6 miles.

    TT: Hope you and yours get through this time

    NZC: Good for you starting the thread today; A good long run and all the best for your marathon on May 1st in Rotorua. Think MrsB parents visited Rotorua many years ago, when they were out there. No idea what your lyrics are though !

    Catch up time.

  • TT - don't know how it happened but I saw your pics on Facebook - awwwww, sweet!  I couldn't comment or 'like' them though. 
  • Morning all

    14 miles d&d with two clubmates. Pace was a bit faster than normal for me but hung in and got through. Feel great after it.

     I noticed fresh looking scars on one of the lads legs and asked what happened. He was attacked by a dog the week before when out training. Owner had left his gates open and out came the dogs. Going on from the comments above, irresponsible dog owners make me sick. You cant really blame the dog itself but the owners should take the neccessary precautions. The dogs are their responsibility. These scars were fairly viscous looking and a visit to the doc and a tetanus jab were required. Hes off down to the owner with the bill. Makes me sick.

    Happy home coming to Lady Tipp and co.

    G'day all

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Christine – sounds like a pretty good effort. What’s the problem with the leg (apologies if I should know this already).

    I got nipped (little so’n’so sunk his teeth into my ankle) running to work 3-4 years ago. However my most memorable encounter with a dog was back in the 70’s when I had my short torn off. Fortunately I was only a mile from and made it back clutching the disintegrated shorts to my neither regions. Must confess to not being an animal lover.

    TT – good that the gang will be back under one roof today. No doubt you’ll busy over the next few days relearning all those skills that I’ve now forgotten.

    Mava – a good week for you, 16 miles long, 55+ for the week and a PB. If you could bottle that and let me have some, I’d be delighted.

    Managed a short easy effort this morning – 30mins at 7:45 pace. Started tight and loosened off, but as NZC described it – not quite right. Like Moraghan it’s the self massage, exercises and stretching which is knocking me up at the moment. However, subject to a bit of patience and restraint, it should keep me ticking over until I get my appointment, and with luck the exercises etc will help address the underlying causes.
  • Afternooon,

    Good running, NZC/

    TT - be good to have all the family at home.

    What: 6.6M steady
    Why: sensible run between yesterday's not sensible run and tomorrow's long run.
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Thursday

    Yesterday, I did it again: ran far, far faster than I intended to.  Set off and hit the mile marker in 7.25, told myself to slow down and  the next mile was 7.35.  I was aiming for about 8.20!  Then thought "Oh well, it feels OK - let's see what happens" and ended up trying to keep the pace going.  Got to the "get here in 36 mins and it's quick" point in 35.12 and home in, I think, my second fastest ever time round this particular route.

    So, today I was determined to be sensible.  And I did slow it down to about 8.25 pace, which is much more like it.  Will probably aim for a bit slower than that tomorrow on my LSR, though.

  • Afternoon

    TT - Hopefully you and all the TTs will be home soon. all you want to do is come home

    Gobi - hope you and your ribs are ok

    Moraghan - hope you are too. Agree on the dog owners thankfully most round here are ok and most know me now but they'll always be a few

    Mava - Good going on the mileage

    I did wake early 8-ish but dozed back thankfully got up at 12 had a snack and head out i was going to do 10 even if it involved walking breaks the key was getting used to time on feet while i was out i decided to do 2 hours whatever that was.
    The whatever ended up just over 11 miles that shall do. Hopefully something similar tomorrow
  • TT - sorry to hear you are suffering at the hands of the people who are supposed to help.

    Paddy / Mava / Pammie - good efforts.

    Must be something in the air at the moment as I had to can my p.m. workout after a 3m warm-up as my back was quite sore.  It's nothing new and usually clears up fairly quickly.  It's a sign of progress that I didn't hesitate to can the workout.  I was on for 80 miles this week beforehand but the number chasing can wait until it's a race clock.

  • Evening,

    Little to report, apart from a heavy cold  and jelly legs, so only did 10 mins when I had planned to do around 45 today. Had the lemsips, now hot bath and an early night.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Moraghan - looks like a good week all the same. A rest sometimes required. Hope the back is ok.
  • TT - sounds like substandard care there, hope that Mrs and Jnr TT get out away from it and things can  be more settled

     Good long runs Pammie/ Paddy/ Mava and NZ Christine

    Get well soon Alehouse

    Dogs are the bane of my running life... my favourite route along the coast is plagued by them, making it sometimes quite off-putting that way at the weekends.  Think it's the combination of being off-lead and a narrow path, combined with my natural distrust for them!  But yeah, the responsibility is with the owner

    What:  8 miles
    Why:  not fit for long run, decided to split the distance over Saturday and Sunday
    Last hard:  Wednesday
    Last rest:  Thursday

    Have fun

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    TT hope all are reconciled and at home now

    What - NHTT paced Jnr to a sub 21, then followed that up with some miles and treadmill to ease off, 11m in total
    Why - miles in the bag
    Last hard - Mon
    Last Rest - Tues

    Take care

  • Tipp Top - sounds like a bit of a nightmare!  No wonder Mrs Tipp Top can't wait to get home. She should be able to get some help in there.

    Gobi - hope you haven't done too much damage - take care.

    Mava - more good running - I saw the Tipp Tops' neat pic too on facebook.

    Birkmyre - Rotorua is the home of geysers and bubbling mud pools - my old coach used to reckon the sulphur in the air played havoc in the last few miles.

    Tom - the difference between you and me - you slow down to 7.45 pace!! That's my fast pace!! I managed the long run by running at the back of the group on the way out and just seeing how my hamstring was going and only on the way back did I put any effort in. Not sure if it has something to do with the extremely hot weather we have been having, being dehydrated or my lack of flexibility. I tweaked my hamstring badly in the 5k on Tuesday night.

    SGQ - would love to be able to report that I had to rein myself in! Good stuff.

    alehouse - get better soon.

    Pammie - good effort.

    Not sure if I'm supposed to reveal the lyrics yet but sung by none other than The Boss - Bruce Springsteen!

  • RFJ  - nice running by RFJ  junior - great that you were able to pace him.
  • Evening all,

    Watch those dogs and niggles!

    • What:  5m
    • Why:  Recovery
    • Last Hard: ?
    • Last Rest:  14/1

    Have a good one!

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