Replica Oakley Sunglasses


Can you check out the following site and see what you think:

I'm very tempted


  • I got a fake pair of e wires and some minutes.

    They look OK - if you don't know what you are looking at, and break easily.

    They say they are UV blocking - but would you believe that ? Fine for posing around in, but if I was on holiday in the sun, or wearing them for cycling, then I'd get the real things. Feel a lot safer that way.
  • I reckon you'd be okay Daz.
    Don't see why anyone would fake selling fakes – if they really wanted to rip you off they'd say they were real.
  • nah, i can get the real thing (off the back of a lorry) for about a tenner down Nutts Corner market
  • I need 3 glasses. Intend to treat myself to some rudys on sat. but also need a couple for racing - m frame oakleys for bike and something else.

    RR, tell me more <bends ear just like in photo> im looking for the above. cheers dude.
  • Could never bring myself to wearing a fake pair!
  • <<looks shady>>

    Youll have to get me some of those TCFKARR.

  • Me too.....where is the smegger?

    he's in some other thread.

    <daz goes searchin'>
  • Daz, don't know where u are but Nutts Corner in here in Northern Ireland
  • goddamit, i live in london. any chance we could come to some kind of arrangment..?
  • wots wrong with snail mail?
  • whats snail mail?
  • its posting things - like, using postmen.
  • shite, of course!
    thought some kind of internet rhyming slang at first!

    thats what i meant by 'arrangement'......could throw in a few extra £s for the effort
  • let me know where to post my cheque....
  • Me too....
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