Ache dilema

If my legs (calfs) are still quite achey from a run on weds (half hour trying out FF strike) baring in mind i had a rest day yesterday is it better to haver more rest or to run through it?


  • Anyone? I need to know before 4pm
  • I would rest if I were you-if you push it you might injure yourself.... I ran through a bit of calf pain last year and ended up tearing my calf muscle!! Seriously, I'm not trying to scare you but I'd listen to your body, you can always run another day.
  • Its just so hard, i hate rest, ive had to do so much of it recently, i know that i should be each day passes and i just htink i am getting more and more unfitter
  • I know exactly how you feel.... I got injured just b4 the London Marathon, ran through it on the day, and haven't been able to run since! I've been trying loads of other stuff, swimming, bodypump, yoga, exercise vids, but nothing compares! I went on my first (v short & v slow) run yesterday since the marathon & felt no pain - I can't remember the last time I ran and it didn't hurt. You just need to give yourself time to recover-you'll get back to it in no time-promise!
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