hey, it's bank holiday weekend everybody - yay



  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Running tomorrow morning.
    Drinking tomorrow night.
    Recovering/hair of the dog Sunday. Recovering Monday
    Day off Tuesday
    Oh my God it's Wednesday...............
  • Oxford Tonight Britiish Sea Power
    Kit Kat Club Huddersfield Saturday
    Oldham vs Leigh Sunday
    ?Post Mcr 10k meet Sunday
  • Leeds Forum meet Weds
    SJ Taven Friday!
  • Celibrating friends birthday 2nite, was gonna fit in a run beforehand but my calfs are still playing up so not so sure.

    Recovering with hangover 2mrw]

    Matrix 2mrw night

    Sunday chill

    Monday who knows
  • Going to my Mum's in The Countryside for free food & accomodation, unconditional love and good cycling routes.
  • greeny, i've seen your posts and often admired your directness and spot-on-edness.
  • With himself he means!
  • Nic, when you're down this way you gotta tell me !! Am up for a bit of cycling round the old haunts, and poss a pint in the Tiger, whaddya reckon ! Sadly, fitting kitchen this bank hol weekend... pah
  • Yeah, whatever it takes Barkles...
  • Ah bless Nic

    Greeny - I'll have to consider moderating you if you bring smut into this.

    Snoop (living like a saint these days) Godd
  • well I'm not ruling out a bit of sex along the way either - but then I always was an optimist!
  • You're on Ness! Visit Dad's in F'stone fairly often so will let you know next time! Definitely a pint in the Tiger, we could cycle there...?! :-) Won't be the same without the Golden Curls of Gideon tho...
  • TV
    who knows!

    BTW Snoop, I hear that you are into Thai massage these days...
  • Fri: Curry tonight
    Sat: Run & gym + visting grandma tomorrow
    Sun: Raby Castle 10k
    Mon: Spectate at Mancester 10k or day cycle around holmfirth way
    Tus: Back to work for a rest + race in evening
    Wed: Leeds Pish up
    Thurs: Sleep
    Fri: London poss SJT
    Sat: Wedding - not more alcohol help
  • just to get my own back from yesterday...
    DBSA...is that really a photo of you ?


    Snoop, r u still there. ?

  • er but not on the socials! I'm only going for the ahem conversation!
  • This evening I shall mostly be going to the Gym.
    Tomorrow I shall be mostly sending off all my loot for FLM place and drinking heavily on the patio in the absence of the clan who have gone to Essex.
    Sunday I shall do a long run and then drink again
    Monday recovery run.

    Tuesday Gym for upper body stuff.

    sorry Greeny. You are a very attractive man who has no need to do it on your own, I'm sure

    But I'm not coing on to you mate ok!?
  • hehehe hello barkles. sex in all its forms is to be upheld as the ultimate leisure pursuit, no ? oh, maybe apart from coprophilia.
  • i love the way it takes me four days to type anything and so any post looks just completely arbitrary and misplaced.
  • Tulips - whaddya mean POSSIBLY the SJT on Fri?

    Btw I meant to day at some point yesterday - have I met you before? I sometimes forget when I have cos of confusing forum name/real life name brainscramble.

  • Hi Ness.. wouldn't know mate....hehe
  • nic, we can always buy a couple of those curly ginger ronald macdonald wig affairs, just for old times' sake.
  • What do you mean is that really a photo of me?

    Why would i post a pic of some other girlie?
  • *LOL* Alan - sure....just like most of us!!

    Ness, great idea! They'll look fab over our cycling helmets!!!
  • agree about displaced postings tho'....

    greeny have apologised at the foot of last page.
  • CLN: I agree with you on that...
  • No need mate - spot on!
  • about the misplace postings... there we go again..
  • like the "who knows" Spans. Sort of leaves yer options open innit?

    Yes, Gaz, I'm still here...

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