garmin and computers!

Does anyone know how i can transfer my data from the Garmin training centre onto a new computer? i dont want to loose what i've done so far!

I have all my history still on watch, and on my orginal computer.(garmin training site)

bought a new computer, set it all up again, new runs download no problem, but i want what i done in january on there too!  only recently used garmin connect so not got first runs on there either.

anyone know how and if it can be done?



  • You can do 2 things.
    Export all in GTC at the old computer by right click on a map and select export.
    However if you have 2 sub maps with the same name, although they have a different parent, GTC export always the first occurence of the directory of that name. If you don't have same names, this will work.

    Or go to the right directory in the file system, on a XP machine this is C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataGARMINTraining CenterTCAcct.
    In this directory there are files like HistoryTree.bin, CourseTree.bin, UserData.bin, UserProfile.bin, WorkoutTree.bin.

    Copy these files to the TCAcct directory after installation of GTC on the new PC
    1. Install GTC,
    2. Stop GTC,
    3. copy the files,
    4. Start GTC and it should recognize the user data.

    I haven't done this myself. But this is the solution provided by Garmin

  • Try it. Oddly when I put all the software onto my new comp all the old data was there. I think I just saved my docs from my old comp and put the files onto my new comp. Didn't do anything fancy.

    Except that I do save my fav runs, back up my history and save in google earth.

  • Can't you just burn the file to cdr/dvdr. I save all my G training center and Sportracks to disc.

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