Mass Snowball fight

Now why didn't we have one of these the other week!


  • Why..?    Coz we have too many frigging 'health and safety' people to spoil all the fun if such a thing were to happen...   geezz....

    I can just imagine it..  they'd say only one person at a time, everyone must wear safety goggles, sign a disclaimer of some kind and absolutely no one must wear an ipod...

  • Good old DC!image I remember an all-night special at the cinema on Dupont Circle, which they mention where I saw all the Mad Max movies non-stop, with booze from brown paper bags!image
  • There was a big one in High Wycombe during the snowy spell. On BBC News an' everything.
  • everyone would be caught on the friggin CCTV camera's and we would all get ASBO'S
  • The better one is where the cop draws a gun. Seriously this cop in the US draws his gun and threatens people with it after they hit his car with a snowball

    When the other cops arrive and don't know where to look. Try snowball & cop on you tube its a classic piece of over the top reaction

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