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  • I saw some cycle shorts at the TCR show which had a sticker saying "liquid comfort inside". Wasn't sure if this meant they were gel padded, or pre-pissed in.... image
  • LOL !
  • Ah-ha found my thread, so a thumbs up then image And as I do the washing Dave had no reason to get all sniffy about it.

    I could tell you a story about an actor who wet himself during a play at Contact Theatre, as I was doing the dressing the stage manager informed me. I ran into the dressing room with laundry tongs and the washing basket put the offending trousers in the tumbly and had them back to him by the 5 minute call.

    This will all be going in my memoirs which I will do when my legs give out and I am bedridden.

  • Mon, Only just seen this thread....hilarious!!! I have never managed to p*ss whist riding...and doG knows I've tried even standing in the pedals and (no, I won't go into that...)....suffice it to say that I have always had to IMCH, I realised after I had finished my comfort break that a very nice lady and her 2 children had been watching me p*ss in someones driveway...probably not the best impression to give of the Pirates but what the f*ck....

    Oh, and better get writing the memoirs never know when old age might strike...image

  • There's a thread somewhere in forum land, possibly a biking site where someone took his mate out on a group ride. They had been talking about going 'on the go' as it were, this newbie didn't quite understand and crapped himself rather than stopping, understandably he was relegated to the back of the pack for the remainder of the ride
  • yip ... PMSL
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