Stoke 2010K

I've just heard this announced on the radio - anyone know more details of the route etc?


  • The 10km run will start in Stoke town centre, travelling around the town before moving up through Shelton, Hanley, and Central Forest Park before returning to Stoke. I don't think it will be flat!

  • nothing is flat in Stoke!!!
  • Try the following link for course details:

    Sign up now folks - let's make it one to remember!
  • Looks like a fairly flat route, apart from the hard slog up Lichfield street
  • Yes it doesn't look to bad and it should be well supported along the route too. Will you be running it Mr Bozlem?
  • I shall be there,just down the road from me, Oatcakes at the drinks stations i hear !!
  • So is it back to yours for a barbie and beer afterwards?? image
  • Hello image

    Just found this post while searching for local events. I'm a complete noobie after only starting running this week but starting to find it addictive!

    Do you folks think it'd be daft to go from no exercise at all  to 10k in May or is it quite achievable? I'e managed about 17 miles of walking this week and today done my first attempt at mixing running & walking so quite an unfit git image


  • if this is hilly   i am signing up then   love hilly races
  • Hi Mjk, Have a look at this running plan,
  • Cheers Eric - from reading that I think I'm going to struggle to get fit enough in time.. maybe next year! image LOL
  • mjk - you will have plenty of time for this race, it will be very friendly and lots of run / walkers.

    I'll be entering and I'm currenly only able to run / walk 5k, and if there is a whiff of a hill well, I'll be having a stroll up it!!!!

    I've just started a running club for beginners like me, where are you based?

  • Hmm you recon? image

    Newcastle (u Lyme of course image )

    Are you doing the RW 10k training thing then at the moment then? 

  • Hi MJK

    I live in Porthill so every run has a hill or two,so if you follow the plan you will be having a bit of hill training at the same time,

  • A race that goes right past my front door ,, I can't really say no can I ??
    No parking issues either , or arriving too early !!
  • Which plan Eric? image

  • The plan that i have put in a link in earlier post,You can just alter the days and distances to suit,

    Speed does not matter for 1st timer,mainly time on feet counts,

  • Yes mjk eric is right , it's time on your feet that's the main thing when training for your first event. I'm back a square one too cos of my long term injury coupled with a dash of laziness !!!!
  • Ah! Not sure how I missed that the first time round. Thank you - will have a good read now image

    I noticed the other day there is a Newcastle running club too? Might be worth a look when I'm less of a slowcoach! hehe

  • You've got many running club options around Stoke MJK including Newcastle, Trentham , Michelin AC , Stone MM , Stafford Harriers to name but a few and they really do cater for runners of all abilities . It's never to early and they help give you added motivation which all us runners need at times.
  • Yes I'll second that all great clubs and the quicker you join one the quicker you will improve. I know at our club we have jog walk groups that cater for beginners.
  • Cool image Cheers guys. Any of you a newcastle member then? image
  • I'm South Cheshire Harriers, Eric Bozlem is Trentham and I'm not sure about the rest!

    Have a look at this.

  • I'm Michelin but I did seriously consider Newcastle as they cover all aspects of running and have more training nights I think ?
  • Cheers Neil,My secret indentity is out !!!

    The main thing is enjoying your running,

  • Ups sorry mate! image

    How's the knee are you running at Stafford on Sunday?

  • Looking forward to this one as like Mac i can jog to and from the start/finish!

    Might have my post race fluid in Wetherspoonsimage

  • Aye defo for the 'spoons like ! I'll have to keep a tenner in my wrist band !
  • Ran part of the course stoke 20 10k course today , not a bad course and the only part that will give you any trouble is lichfield street on the climb towards hanley. There are a few minor undulations elsewhere but otherwise it's a pretty good course.
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