Free Dawes Horizon (3 years old)

I have a Dawes Horizon touring bike that I bought new in 2000. The bottom bracket is defective and neither I nor 2 other local bike shops can get it out. If you want the bike you can have it for FREE. I have removed the rear carrier and mudguards for my replacement machine.

It has nearly new Schwalbe Kevlar 700C road tyres and was recently serviced (which is when the bottom bracket problem emerged). This bike has the same Reynolds frame as a Super Galaxy. The Frame size is 21.5" suitable for someone 5'9".

It is in west Nottingham just off the A52 so easy for Derby as well.


  • Whats a bottom bracket?
  • you got your new one yet Steady
  • It's the bit that runs between the two pedal cranks.

    Pedals are the bits your feet go on.

    Cranks are the two arms the pedals are attached to.

    The bottom bracket is the bit that makes the world go round!
  • GLbG, I have thanks.
  • Is it worth trying one of the big shops in london or has that avenue been explored?
  • Jim, I am just trying to give a bike away!
  • Steady

    Does the bottom Bracket need to come out to be fixed or is it working OK for the moment ?

  • LFVLFV ✭✭✭
    Steady says it's working but clicks. It will become a problem eventually.
  • LFVLFV ✭✭✭
    Plummie, you are ubiquitous.
  • LFVLFV ✭✭✭
    Going off to choose which Chinese takeaway we will have tonight. Too ill to cook (good excuse, eh?)
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I could do with something to lug the child trailer i've just bought about with. It would do in the short term to save my road bike. I am a bit tall for it though so can I say yes unless someone else that fits it better wants it.

  • I was tempted to say yes, but I don't really need a bike. Give it to popsider... first come first serve and all that.

    (bty Steady, very decent of you to give it away for free. Good man!)

  • LFVLFV ✭✭✭
    Popsider, you can have it, I will e mail you.
  • LFVLFV ✭✭✭
    Steady says U have mail.
  • If it clicks just now it will drive you demented. My boss currently has a steel bottom bracket (BB) siezed in an aluminium frame. He is soaking the BB in loose oil overnight and fitting the spline removal tool in a vice and applying the torque by turning the frame round the tool. Perhaps the bike shop is being to cautious incase they bend or crack the frame and are liable. Maybe if you tell them if it cracks its ok they may try harder and just maybe release it for you. Best of luck.
  • Eeyin, the replacement has now been bought and kitted out. I will let the new owner take on the problem. The bike was £400 new so there is still plenty of use in it once repaired.

    Thanks anyway.

  • Its gone..............thanks for all the interest.
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