TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca



  • Trainings not going well, i fell down the stairs at home (i was sober!), and have bruised ribs/hip and twisted and bruised ankle.

    I'm not able to run at the minute, damn i can hardly walk so i think i will try for the half only!!

    Hope everyone else is having better luck.

  • Money finally been taken, its on my credit card statement..5 weeks to go!
  • Yikes 5 weeks and I can hardly walk!!
  • It's all getting more real now... I've just had a registration confirmation email from the organizers with registration info and my race number on (327).

    You can have your own food at the aid stations apparently - anyone for chips @ 33km? image

  • snap-F102

    Trying an 18 miler with 14 at marathon pace sunday-will be a toughy without anyone breathing down my neck!

    Just hoping to stave off those niggly pains from full blown injury for last couple heavy weeks.

    WHR-lots arnica and gin would be my prescription!!image

  • HI there.

    I have had to pull out of the Venice marathon the week after this on October 25th because of a bridge phobia.

    Am looking for another marathon to do . Can you give me any information abou this Its not on Marathon guide .com

    I would have to fly out of Dublin on saturday and arrive at about 7.30pm. Flight back ont eh sunday is about 6pm.

    Is it accessible to the airport? Is it flat , hilly , etc. Big crowds> any information would be great. website doesnt say much about it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Fizziofinn

    This is a flat marathon part along the seafront and then through palma. Temp 15-20 degrees so hopefully not too uncomfortable! Do not know about amount support but hopefully enough!!

    Am just going for weekend and think you could make on the timing of your flights. Not sure about accessibility of airport but am flying in to palma airport so taking a taxi to expediate things.

    Quite a few oversea runners-mainly german and british.

    Hope to see you there!!

  • hi all

    not long left now till the big day!!!

    iv just recieved a letter saying that there was a prob with money takan from my visa,and for me to pay into another account!! but the day later recieved my confimation email with number and all info??!!has any one else had this letter???image

    looking forward to to my first san miguel after the race allreadyimage 

    see u all on the startin line the 17th

  • brimps, Might just give this serious consideration. They take entries up to the day before So I might just see how training goes and maybe rush in at the last minute.

    Wll keep you followed here anyway.


  • hi alan,

    I have received no letter just the confirmation e-mail. Perhaps a clarification e-mail to the organisers?image

    Not long now!!

  • Good luck Brimps contacting the organisers, i've not had much success. Was there a pdf attached to the e-mail. I got mine yesterday - e-mailed them about the possibility of transferring to the half - but haven't heard back.
  • I did contact the organisers, as payment had not been taken (it now has) and have also received confirmation email. I received a reply to my query two days after I had emailed them, the contact given was:

    Nadine Schack
    TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca
    Runners Support Service

    c/o eichels: Event GmbH
    Leinstr. 31
    D-30159 Hannover

  • I'll try contacting Nadine then, cheers!!
  • We've had e-mails and attachments with race numbers for the half. Getting closer...
  • Getting very close! Got the Great North Run this coming weekend so that's taken the focus off the Palma Marathon. A tough month ahead. Looking forward to it though, and been searching the internet for suitable bars for afterwards, think I'm looking forward to that bit the most. image
  • good look in the half ged.....let me no if u find any good bars for the post race drink!!lol
  • I'm out, i have a tear in my glutes and tear in my right hamstring and nerve damage after falling down the stairs last week, still sore to walk and have been told by the physio no running for 6- 8 weeks. So my weekend in Palma now consists of supporting and drinking san miguel.

    Good luck to you all!! WR

  • WR - Sorry to hear about your injuries.  We'll still have to try and enjoy a post-race drink or three.
  • Cheers Andy, hope the training is going well!
  • WR- bad luck-hope you recover quickly-always another race/year so enjoy the down timeimage

    I have developed a cold which has made legs feel like concrete so severely reduced mileage this week-hoping it won't derail things too long as so near and still couple heavy weeks to fit in!!

    Have managed to book a hotel within crawling distance of the finish line as think I am going to need it!image 

  • Cheers Brimps, at least I can have a couple of beers tonight!!
  • WR - It's going slowly rather than well and I've droppd down to the half marathon now as I've had various ailments that have knocked training on the head, including the most recent an annoying cough that won't shift.........

    Looking forward to the week away though..

  • Have also switched to the half, they replied to my e-mail after 3 weeks. No running for over 2 weeks due injury but hoping now I can make it.
  • Everything is crossed for you WR - we can hopefully plod round, enjoy the half then relax in the sun - I'm such an optimist!!!image
  • Tried to run last night but hip just too sore - and against medical advice - looks like it might just be sun and san miguel for me.
  • Seems like a lot of injuries going around, thoug I guess we're into the "danger period" of training now!

    I'm still up for the full 26.2 miles - and am hoping it won't be me vs thousands of Germans, (I've looked at the results from last year and there seems to be A LOT of them)

    I'll be in my Fetch vest, doing it for the UK and probably found near some establishment serving san miguel or corona near the finish image

  • Good luck GeeForce, managed 200 metres with the kids yesterday but looks like i'm out!!image
  • I'll be starting the 26.2 with you GeeForce, I just hope I finish it! Training going okay, enjoyed the Great North Run despite the torrential rain afterwards.

    I'm looking forward to the weekend that much, I've tagged along an extra day! Returning back to Manchester on the Tuesday night now, so plenty of time for a few San Miguels! I'll deserve them.

  • cidersurfer wrote (see)
    We've had e-mails and attachments with race numbers for the half. Getting closer...
    Well, we've just discovered that I've got an e-mail and attachment but other half hasn't. She's just e-mailed them to ask what's going on!
  • Geeforce and Ged K am with you on the start line-will help you shift a few of those german towelsimageWhat times are you going for?

    Did my last 20 miler today and now starting to taper.Just relieved have managed to get through heavy weeks without a calamitious injury.

    Hope to see you at the start line

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