TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca



  • This was my first marathon and I really enjoyed it, getting around in just over 3 hours 30 mins. Fantastic organisation and facilities and the weather gods looked down favourably - what more can you hope for? Well done to everyone else who got round.   
  • bummer, only just found this thread!

    well wasn't that just the best marathon? I won't compare it with London, but wow! perfect weather, great atmosphere, well organised and gallons of sun and beer in the following days! cheers Tui and Palma!

    Also annihilated my PB with 4:43, taking 14 mins off my London 1995 & London 2010 times! Wahoo!

  • My first marathon, a very slow 5.15 but loved it, second half was really tough, think the workers were getting bored by then! Raised a nice amount for charity and I cant wait to experience that feeling you get when you cross the finishing line. Amazing!
  • This was my second marathon and beat my first time by 7mins, finishing in 4h 3m 16s. Things didn't start well before the race when I put down my own drink for a short moment and somebody then swiped it! It was well organised though, apart from there not being any silver foil blankets when I finished after running the last 4 miles in the rain, I was absolutely shivering by the time I had my free massage and retreived my bag. Still, it didn't spoil the experience

  • Had a great time in Majorca, really enjoyed it!

     Thought the weather on race day was perfect, and definitely one of my favorite races.

    My third Marathon, and smashed my PB, coming in at 3:27:10, but couldn't walk next day.

    I tried telling the bar staff in Magaluf the reason my legs were all over the place was due to the marathon, but I don't think they believed me!

    Only thing now is, I've really struggled to get motivated to get back into training - I was hoping for a London place, but when I got back from Majorca, the dreaded rejection slip was on the mat.

  • Why would you want to do the charity run that is the London Marathon, there's plenty more runs out there. I'm building towards my first ultra next year.
  • I know what you mean about London. I think its just for the atmosphere. I was also hoping the wife got in (she didn't), so I could train with her, as it would be her first, and this could have kick started my training.

    One of the reasons I won't do it for charity is because I don't think paying £2k for a place is morally right.

     I'm a big believer in whatever you raise, you raise, and a tenner is £10 more than the charity had in the first place!

    Tried to get a bit of money for Majorca, and I'm pleased to say I got over £500 for a Cancer Charity!!!

  • payless-in the same boat! Had 5 weeks recovery running and hoped london would be my next goal race but not to be. still hoping for a club place though! I am not good at training unless it is goal specific so need to get myself sorted.image

    well done on raising £500-thats tough enough let alone what the london marathon charities are requesting!

  • Payless, my statement above was a bit blunt. I also got a rejection for the 4th time, but won't go for a charity place as I agree it would be a lot of money to raise, and a lot seems to end up in the coffers of the London Marathon.
    Well done on raising the money at Majorca, was at the finish line cheering you all on in the rain.

    Good luck WR
  • WR - didn't thing you was blunt , as I probably thinnk same as you.

    Think I'm gonna have a go at the Belvoir challenge!

     No pressure, and at least it gives me something to focus on!

  • P.S many thanks for the support!

     Got to say, it gave me a boost when an English voice called out to me!

    Had to laugh at times, as the name is Nigel, but due to some Europeans not quite knowing how to pronounce it, I was spurred on with shouts of


  • Had a look at the Belvoir challenge, and it looks more fun than a city marathon - I love trail running.
  • brimps - thanks for the 'well done'.

     Appreciate it!

  • This was my first marathon and I finished in 3:36min. Nice weather, except for the rain at the end, well organized and  friendly environment but I have to say next time I will learn german.

  • Well done Caro!!
  • thinking of doing the run this year, wouldnt want to go till the Saturday though & flight doesnt land till late - do you need to pick anything up in advance of the race day??


  • Snake-hips -

     last year we had to go to the 'Race Village' in front of the Cathedral to collect our race numbers, t-shirts and timing chips. The village was open on the Friday and Saturday. Don't know whether it was open the morning of the race, but seeing as the race started at 9am. I don't think it was.

     It might be worth emailing the organisers to see if they can tell you more.

  • If you do e-mail the organisers don't expect a prompt reply, give it 3-4 weeks before you hear anything.
  • I did this last year and really enjoyed it - watch out for ze Germans image

    If you look at this link it appears you can pick up your numbers from 07:30am on race day, (Sunday) so you should be fine...

  • Snake-hips - as GeeeM says - you can pick up your numbers on the morning - some of my friends did this as they were in the same boat too.

    They went straight to the pub when they landed image

  •   I am interested in doing this marathon.

    I recently ran London in 5h 28m and am wondering what sort of times are run here. I don't want to be the last to finish by about an hour!!!

    Does anyone know what the average time is.


  • Also are there any reccommendations with where to stay


  • Some great hotels in along the strip by the marina, had one last year with a sea view - just can't remember the name, was just past the Hard Rock Cafe. They are about half a mile from the start and some great eateries in the old town.

    Good luck WR
  • Cheers Whitehead runner.

    Did you do the race?

  • That would be a great location WR!

    We stayed in Illetes, (about 40 minutes away on the bus) which is a quiet town on the coast. I think I paid £200 for 4 nights B&B for 2 people - we stayed on for a few days afterwards so it made a great chill-out location to rest the legs

    One piece of advice - check out the bus network, it's very cheap, frequent and easy to use - you'll save a lot of money compared to taxis! I even managed to convince my girlfriend to use it - and she hates public transport image

    It's a brilliant day - battling with 'ze Germans', I'd do it again this year but am off to Snowdonia instead!

  • I ran the Palma Marathon last year, thoroughly enjoyed it. I stayed at the Hotel Meliá Palas Atenea which is on the harbour front, so perfectly positioned for registration, the start of the run and also post race celebrations.  

    I ran it in 4 hours 12 minutes and loved the scenery of Palma, especially the first 13 miles of it, the 2nd half of the race not as picturesque as the 1st.

    I flew into Palma Airport and like GeeeM, I used the bus service to get into Palma itself.  The bus is extremely cheap and reliable.

    I'm hoping to enter the Galway Marathon this August and I've just done the London Marathon, a fantastic event.

    Brush up on your German before you go and you'll be okay! 

  • I saw an advert for this marathon in one of my running magazines. Thomson do packages at a reasonable price and I'm thinking of taking my hubby. However, I've also been recommended to do the Amsterdam marathon.

     Palma and Amsterdam are both on the same date which is the day before my birthday! It's my first marathon so i wantt to make sure it is a good one. However, i can't make up my mind which one to do. I've been to Amsterdam before on a social visit but not to Palma although the flatness of Amsterdam is appealing as is the scenery of please!

  • I think this is a decent, fast course. I did the full, the wife did the half. First half is a bit'up and down', but on the 2nd half of the marathon, its pretty flat, and there is some run to run in - unlike some big marathons - so its a good marathon if you want to improve on a time.

     Last year we booked a room for the week (Thursday to Thursday) for about £150 off laterooms and we did our flights seperately - £190 for the 2 of us return on Easy Jet.

    We stopped at a little place just outside Palma called Portals Nous - the room was cheap, but the cost of living was quite high here, not like the more popular resorts where prices are competitive, and was very much a 'German orientated' resort.

    Bit of a role reversal this year - I'm doing the half, and the wife is doing the full. We are putting our package together ourselves as it seems a bit cheaper than the organised packages.

  • Thanks Payless - your comments are really helpful.

    The package with Thomson comes to about £700 for two of us so its useful to know it is cheaper to do it separately.

    Also, as it is my first marathon, its useful to know the format of the might be a little advanced/fast for me by the sounds of it and perhaps more suited to a 2nd or 3rd marathon
  • I stayed in the same hotel as Ged, it was excellent - I didn't run due to torn thigh muscles but would like to go back, though can't make it this year.

    A taxi from the airport is quick and cheap - about 20 euros I think.

    I have stayed at Ca'n Pastilla before which is near the airport and you can get a room cheaply there- i would say doing it independently is cheaper than a package.

    Good luck WR
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