TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca



  • Squide00

     When you enter, I think you'll have to put your best time/predicted time, and when you get your number, it should tell you what starting pen you are in, based on that.

     The idea is that the quicker runners will be in a pen towards the front, and each pen behind should be runners who are possibly slower than the pen in front, and so on, so you should be running with participants of a similar standard.

    The run is quite busy on the first half, as it has the half marathon runners in as well, but in the second half there is plenty of room.

    My wife is doing the full, and its her first too, and I think its good course for a first one as the 2nd half is also pretty flat, (apart from a cheeky incline at 23m !!) the scenery from mile 18 ain't bad and you can focus on the sea/sights, and at about mile 24 you can see the cathedral in the distance, and this picks you up as you know the finish is in sight.

  • I intend to go back to do this marathon, I have unfinished business!!
  • thanks for the advice above by the way, will check out flights.
  • I flew with easyjet last year from Belfast for £51 return, hard to beat!
  • AD2502:  I ran the half in about 2h 20m last year, then we went for a coffee to get out of the rain.

    By the time we got back to our hotel (which was just off the course of the eastern loop - the second half of the marathon) there were still runners who must have finished around 5:30 or 6 hours.

    At the time I reached the split of the half and full marathons, there were plenty of marathon runners near me so they must have been 5 hours or 5-hour plus finishers.

  • WR:  You are soooo unlucky with this event.  Let's hope you get to take part and complete it in 2012.image
  • Cheers Andy but Palma not a bad place to be stuck for a few drinks!!
  • Too true.  A man after my own heart!
  • So, I'm doing the 2011 version in 8 weeks time and would appreciate some information

    Have read back on the thread which has been very helpful but specifically:

    What is available other than water at the refreshment stations?

    I see you can leave your own food (or presumably drinks) at certain points on the course. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?

    Is there a course profile anywhere? Tried the link to one on here but it didn't work for me.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated. 

  • Goldeagle - I only remember water at the drink stations. I had some glucose sweets in my pocket, that were provided before the race.

    Didn't try my own drinks etc.

    Course was flat for the first 10k. A few slopes (not really hills) between 10k and halfway point (13 miles), and flat thereafter.
  • I can only remember water stations in the main - although at about 23m, there was a water station that was also handing out half bananas

  • Cheers, Guys. Thanks for the information.
  • Now you say that payless I do remember bananas etc being handed out at about 7 or 8 miles too.
  • only problem was, my mouth was too dry to swallow the bloody thing!

  • I'm doing Palma this year. can anyone remember if the water is bottled or (hope not) tap??

  • Bottled water definiely. And last year there were cups of isotonic drinks at each water station which was great. Not saying that's going to be the case this year.

  • Thanks, Goldeagle. I can just put my coconut water in my bottle now......


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