job application-salary and expectations

I've applied for a new job, and I've been asked to detail my salary and expectations.  Do you just put "I'm looking for £xxk per year?" or perhaps "looking to increase my salary by £X"? or what?

TBH I'd be happy to move and stay on the same money, but I don't want to sound desperate either?


  • Mr. Puffy wrote (see)

    Then BH!

    If you're a good worker then you deserve a good work environment.  If you take the line that this is as important as the salary, no cost-conscious employer is going take it the wrong way.  What they want is the right person at the right price.

  • I would say...... "Present salary is £******"   then that will throw the ball back in their court. 
  • Demand a personal tea urn and a constant supply of maltloaf. 

    Go get em tiger!!!!   Game face!!!

    Seriously though I think CM has a good point.

  • If you are happy with what you currently earn and would like a similar salary , then something along the lines of:

    My current salary is £*****, I would be looking towards a figure at least in that region, though this would be negotiable.

  • Shimmy shimmy wrote (see)

    Demand a personal tea urn and a constant supply of maltloaf. 

    Go get em tiger!!!!   Game face!!!Seriously though I think CM has a good point.
    If they won't give you maltloaf, go for a CD of Meatloaf!
  • You may want to include any pension as well, as it can make quite a difference.

    Perhaps something along the lines of "my current salary is £XXX, with an additional £XXX contributed to a pension, I would be open to offers comensurate with this as the degree of responsibility is equivalent to my current post."

    If it is more responsibility you should ask for a bit more, or you're shortchanging yourself, because they're not paying market value.

  • current salary - give 'em the facts including whatever extras you get. if you get such things like non-contrib pension payments, guaranteed bonuses the list them (with numbers or % if pension) as these are technically income as you will be taxed on them. if you get performance related bonuses, put an OTE figure down

    future salary - to be discussed at interview

    sure, when you move jobs most people are looking for more money and usually some form of advancement, but people can make mistakes by pushing the boat out too far in % increase they are looking for. you have to be realistic.

    as a recruiter, I handle these things all the time - you need to be realistic or potential employers won't be interested
  • Good sense from FB.

    And use plain language.  I've vetted my fair share of CVs and interviewed plenty of hopefuls, and when people start beating about the bush or using words like 'commensurate' I quickly lose interest.

  • commensurate belongs in the bullshit bingo box
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