Smells Like Plod Spirit

Happy plodding folks :-)


  • <<yawn>>
    It's sunny and first run in new shoes, that will wake me up!
  • Goo5eGoo5e ✭✭✭
    Wakey Wakey rise and shine

    Morning all

    What have you all got planned for today
    Im working, stuck behind 4 walls with no windows. :-(

  • Morning all!!
    What: Very poor 3mile run/walk at 6 am. Must do better.
    Last Run: Monday
    Next Run: Bank Holiday Monday
  • Morning all,
    Im the same as Gray im afraid - working. Boo:(

    However, im looking forward to a nice 9miles with my dad tomorrow morning - yay!!

    Enjoy the plodding everyone

    Ps - love the title FR
  • Cheers Alf - I was just going to use the sub title, but the track probably isn't well known enough on its own :-)
  • No plodding for me today. Rest day today, might see if I can get out for a plod tomorrow though.

    Happy plodding and enjoy the long weekend.
  • Going to post even though not plodding . Achilles still hurts not plodded since last Sat, GNR seems dim and ever increasing distant. Seeing osteopath on Tue. happy plodding plodders.
  • May plod this afternoon when I get back from visiting family and shopping. Still a bit stiff from yesterday - self-inflicted, I didn't stretch enough after plodding, silly me.
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Morning all. Went to see the Matrix reloaded last night, hmmm. Bit disappointed by it, but I suppose it had a lot to live up to compared to the first one.

    Might plod a bit later on, but a bit tired at the mo (consumed a few shandies last night to drown sorrows after film).

    Have a good day all.

    Fruity, I am concerned with you keep posting just after midnight. I hope this is not becoming obsessional.
  • Fruity, have I missed a thread or are you really better than Keanu? If so I'm coming 'round now!!
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    I'm more of a Jack Nicholson girl myself
  • Guardian Xword, 15 across. Ques The force of Enid Blyton? Ans PLOD!!!
  • easy 5k, last run before the Manchester 10k on Monday - 10,000 people! - no chance of a good time in that crowd, so just relax and enjoy the sights - the route takes us past the new Imperial War Museum by Daniel Leiberskind, and there is a spectacular indoor finish inside G-Mex.

    If you're watching it on BBC2, I'm the little fat out-of-breath red-faced one in a URWFC vest!

  • It's a direct quote from Smitch, dippy! See the "Name for Fruity" thread from a couple of days ago. I'm trying out some of the suggestions from there - must be about time for a change anyhow.

    Anyhow - I'm sure he is no match for me in some departments - computer programming for instance.

    Smitch - obsessional no - I was just up doing something else and suddenly noticed the time. Shame about the film - what was wrong with it?
  • Jack Nicholson eh? Well I can do the receding hairline bit!
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Now now, don't get carried away me dear.

    Hmm, yes, he is getting on a bit now, but v sexy. Think it is the smile and the voice that does it for me.

    Film was @rse Fruity.
  • I hadn't realised how old he was - he's 65 plus!

    Was there much more plot in M2? I think if you took the sci-fi aspect out of M1 it was just an action movie. Without any new concepts I can see it might have been rather dull, or wasn't that the problem?
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Oh it was awful. The best bit was a chase on the freeway invloving Trinity on a motorbike and two lorries colliding. Apart from that, I could have had a kip and wouldn't have missed anything.

    They really over did the whole Trinity-Neo love thing, and there was a terrible love scene too. I didn't like it much, the first one is so much better.

    There's a new Terminator film coming out with a girlie terminator. One for the chaps I feel
  • There was a prog on this morning I think showing how they had to train for the bike chase bit which was interesting - it did look good. I'm not that huge a fan of action films, unless there's a bit more to it.

    I liked Minority Report.
  • Just changed my name BTW - another suggestion from the thread!

    Not that yours was a suggestion - I do realise the comment was dripping with sarcasm!
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    hmm that was ok, don't go much on Tom Cruise though except for pure totty potential
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    me sarcastic? NOooooooooooo!!!!
  • Yeah but it had a plot!

    Tom Cruise doesn't do much for me either normally - as totty or otherwise.

    Yes Smitch - YOU!! <<points finger accusingly!>>
  • Ok - I really must go and sort some crucial stuff out my sweet.

    Probably see you on URWFRC in five minutes!
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Sorry Fruits, got distracted there for a bit. Probably chat to you later. Off to do chores now.
  • Oops! I'm still here when i should be doing my "chores" (all very Americanized!)

    I'm out tonight so won't speak unless it's about 2am!
  • Ok, I know I must be a bit slow on this here but what/where do you get URWFRC vests??
  • Last Plod: Monday

    Was due to go out on Wednesday but had a day of admin to do do trying to set up as a private music tutor specialising in Singing and beginners piano. Was reminded that I could also offer theory especially as I'm able to take it to advanced levels.

    Then I caught a cold. So I'm waiting to recover before going out again. Will see what I can comfortably manage then go out then.
  • Didn't plod today after all. Got caught in holiday traffic coming home when all the world, his wife, his dog and his Aunty Mary Ann seemed to be heading our way. The visible holdup didn't appear until just after I'd passed the last turning where I could have gone down the back roads and avoided all the traffic - mutter, mutter, grizzle, grizzle. Will need to plod tomorrow and Monday to prepare for shopping for new shoes on Tuesday.
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