Belvoir Challenge 26

Is anyone else doing this? I was wondering what it is like around that area, is it hilly? Please, any information you could give would be appreciated.


  • Yes its hilly and tough - the weather is normally not on your side, you'll also have to contend with a lot of walkers.  The food/drinks stations are wierd if you're a runners cos all the walkers stop for tea and a chat, but they do have cake, mars bars and god knows what else.

    It is well organised and I intend going next year, can't this a won't be in the country, once you've finished there is plenty to eat.

    If memory serves me correctly you don't get anything for taking part orther than a certificate giving you your time.

    If you need accomodation book it now as they're ain't much there.

  • Looking forward to this in a strange way. I have entered the 16 mile race. First time for me, but a few clubmates have done it. I know it is a bit tough (as XC usually is) looking at some of the times.
  • It's good fun but hard. Looks like there will plenty of mud this year, and yes a few interesting hills and usually a horrid metal staircase. The countryside is lovely as some of it goes through Belvoir Castle's grounds. I look forward to it every year and it always reaches capacity.

    You will enjoy the atmosphere.
  • It filled up about 3/4 weeks ago
  • I entered by post about a month ago so that's OK.. All i have to do now is book some accommodation and train tickets. Is Melton Mowbray the nearest train station?
  • I would have thought that Grantham was nearer but the website lists Melton, Grantham and Nottingham. Don't know about links from stations to Harby though.

    I forgot to fill in my entry this year so won't be there.

  • I think i will take my bike on the train so i can cycle to my b+b then on to the race in the morning.
  • This is gonna be another great race. Hope I dont get lost as I believe its being run in the opposite direction to last year.

    Does anyone have a place, 16 or 26, that they can't take up? I have a clubmate who would like it, as swaps are allowed via the organiser in advance image

  • Not run this before Toyota - i presume they have marshalls & direction signs?
  • erm, sort of KITT, and no. the markers are a bit tantalising. theres prob gonna be so many folks doing it, your likely to be with someone or can see someone ahead who knows where they're going. but if not, it is marked with bits of red/white barrier tape, and its quite intuitive. eg. if its on the right hand side of the hole in the hedge, it may mean bear right. look ahead and see if you can see the next bit of tape etc. sometimes your running on and are very glad to finally encounter a bit more tape to confirm youve been going the right direction!!

    website still says "The route map will be posted approximately 1 week before the event." its not a very good map tbh in past yrs. you would be better using it to trace out the route on a half decent OS map. but i wouldnt worry too much, like i say, theres plenty of folks to follow unless your v fast.

  • top race this one of my fave on the calender good early season test
  • Does any of you know if you can replace someone that has entered the event but cannot run? They returned my cheque as the entries were already full...if there's anyone here that won't be able to do it please let me know!!


  • Great feedback from everywhere regarding this run. I am glad I entered when i did as I managed to get train tickets cheaply- and a room- So i am all set and raring to go. I tend to enjoy these off- road events more than the usual fast-paced city marathons, even though they take longer.
    I shall be taking this easy all the way, i will walk up all the hills, just running the down hills and along the flat sections.
    Right now I have to pop down the road to get my marathon food for the next few days.
    Be prepared ! that is my motto.
  • To the guys above wanting to run the race.i entered the 26 mile run but work has been called on that day.if you are interested email me on


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