Any ideas for a 10k

New runner doing a 3k in Bath in July but would like to do a 10k in the Autumn. I live in Someset and would be glad to hear your recomendations. I'm still at the walk/run stage but aim to be a runner all the way by then.


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    Ask 1/2mGirl, she lives in your vicinity.
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    HMG says

    " 24 Aug : Sedgemoor 10k (ok summer)
    - 07 Sept :Burnham 10k
    - 14 Sept : Ash 8M-T (last year had 5 miles aswell, dunno this year)
    - 26 Oct : Exmoor Stagger 16
    - 01 Nov : 3 miles of the marine event (Mrs S will probably like this 1.....)
    - 02 Nov : Ilminster 10k (hilly) "
  • Thanks HMG and Steady
  • No probs.
  • hi Cathy, sorry didn't see this thread earlier...

    - Taunton 10k is in September too I think (it's a good event and well orgonised)!

    Good Luck for your event in July :)
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    There's a ladies only 10K run by Teignbridge Trotters in the Autumn which could be ideal. It will be Mrs 95 minutes first 10K.

    Is South Devon too far out of your way?
  • Taunton 10k is the 29th September - not too hilly and very well organised. Slightly earlier is the Battle of Sedgemoor 10k - 24th August. Apart from a slight hill in the first mile this is almost completely flat and loops around the Somerset Levels.
    Depends really on what part of Somerset you live in and how far you want to travel, but I'd say you're spoilt for choice without having to go much distance. Good luck on whatever you decide.
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