HI there,

I have a pair of Nimbus 11's and ned a littler extra padding in the shoe. I had this problem in  a pair of Nimbus 9's a few years ago and I  did buy a very thin pair of Sorbothanes insloes which were great.

The only thing I can see is: Sorbothane Full Strike Insoles

Thye have changed the designed slighty and seem to be a little thicker.

My question is, will this affect the propoerites of the Nimbus 11's design or will it not matter too much once I have the new insoles in the show as wel as the original insloe?




  • Insloes .... are those sloes that you put in gin to make sloe gin?
  • I am only drinking a cup of tea.....................looks like I have being drinking too much of the gin! image


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