Castle Triathlon Series

Went to the TCR Show today (so more gear, no more idea etc) but got handed a leaflet advertising a new tri series that looks as if it has spectacular settings albeit at a full price.

(anyone know why I can't do links on this pc but can on any other one?! I've emptied caches etc.) 

Looks like an alternative to those who missed out on Windsor this year. 

The France one looks a pretty impressive venue. Think I might put Hever down as my end of season race.


  • Wow fancy Castle Howard !!
  • I was chatting with someone last weekend who did Hever last year,  sounds like she really enjoyed it and it was a lovely venue.

  • Blenheim tri is a lovely location but another of the more corporate pricey events.  £65 to do a sprint is silly money.
  • really keen on doing this? has anyone done it? i'm coming back from a broken elbow and jaw.. back training now but dont know if i would be leaving myself enough time it being my first tri
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