Garmin 405 - frozen screen


My 405 has a frozen screen.

I charged it lst night and disconnetced this morning, but its just frozen at 08:47 with todays date, neither of the buttons or bezel works.

Any ideas? Is my battery dead?


  • Sorted it.
  • My Garmin 405 has done the same thing.  Stuck on 9.46am this morning.  Bezel and buttons do nothing.  How did you get it to work?
  • I did some searching on the web and found advice on another website.  Hold in both buttons for 30 seconds and it resets the watch returning it to normal use.   Sorted it for me.
  • Interesting, mine did the same thing at 09:38 and mine wasn't used today due to slight injury preventing running.

    Quick hold of both buttons for limited time fixed it image
  • Glad I found this thread, my 405 did this today, wouldn't have known about the two button thing but sorted it now. Not the first time this has happened, last time I just let the battery fully discharge then recharged it and it was ok. Does anyone know if there's something particular that causes this glitch and anything that can be done to prevent it?
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    It's all in the manual along with loads of other interesting stuffimage
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