Jules burning feet

Hi i am back to running after a five year break. Overweight and over forty but i am having a problem with my feet I never had before I need advice.I do about two miles early morning after 1st mile I get a burning drawing sensation on the balls of my feet just below the last 3 toes more on the left side? I have tried insoles, vaseline and a new pair of ron hill socks but I still have the problem. I live out in the sticks and I would need to travel two hours to a podiatry clinc.Help is need as I don't want to stop the runing only peace I get from the kids.


  • My non-expert opinion is that it may be Morton's neuroma (Click here). This may well need specialist help.

    You can get supports for the arch across the front of the foot, but this would probably need a specialist shop such as Scholl or something.

    Good luck!
  • thanks for the message all nuts and no fruit fruitylicious reindeer had a look at that but I don't get the numbness and as soon as i stop running it goes. burning sensation is not enough to make me stop just that I know it is there. also route I go on has not got a lot of flat surfaces gradual inclines most of time.
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