Naughty Boy Floyd

Seems Floyd Landis is a wanted man after "hacking" into French anti-doping computer.

Linky thing

One way of changing a positive sample


  • No holidays in France anytime soon.  No career either.

    Nail, coffin etc etc etc, you get the idea

  • He has been accused of it that is all.
  • There is a slightly different take on his actions in this hacking article - allegedly looking for evidence that the original test was wrong.

    Don't know the rights and wrongs of it all but there has been concern expressed about the chain of possession in several forensic tests recently - and not just in sport tests

  • Didnt his team try blackmailing Lemond about some childhood abuse too ?

    I expect he'll blame this on the Jack Daniels again - wasnt that his excuse for his huuuuge testosterone levels in the Tour ?

  • Cougs, he didn't do it (doping) 'cos his mum said he wouldn't do things like that. What more proof of innocense do you need?
  • Thats a fair point.  A note from your mum works for both PE class and International Law Cases so I've heard.

  • If only I'd known that earlier, wouldn't have had to spend all that time in Thailand

    Note to self "get note from Mum"

  • Would be interesting to know how they know specifically that it was Floyd Landis who did the hacking.
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