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  • Prepared this before my run last night and chucked it in the oven as I left. Came back 1:40 later and it really hit the spot.

    Dice 400g or so of pork shoulder or neck, and brown for a few mins on all sides. Remove from the pan, leaving some of the juice and put in a casserole dish. Pop a bit of olive oil in the pan and fry up an onion, a couple of good-sized garlic cloves, a red/green pepper (sliced) a couple of rashers of smoked bacon (chopped) and around 200g chorizo (diced). Add some mixed herbs and paprika (and a bit of cayenne pepper if you fancy it). Bung in a can of chopped tomatoes (keep the can for a minute), season and simmer for a few minutes.Put everything into the casserole dish, then half fill the empty tomato can with red wine and half fill with water (or all with water if you like) and add to the dish.Stir it, and the water cover everything in the dish. Put in the oven at about 180 for about 1:15, take it out, add a can of beans (canellini or black eye) and a big handful of sultansa, then back in for another 20 minutes or so. Serve it up in bowls, with a wedge of brown bread for mopping up juice.yum

  • Yikes, the knitting club has become the WI image

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    Apple nut butter fru bars. (or any cereal).

    Apple butter + nut butter + cereal

    (Apple butter is apple puree that you continue to cook until it thickens and turns golden brown. You can add spices or dried fruit to it or not as you fancy. Nut butter, same as peanut butter just different nuts tis all. Mapletons Fru grains the dust after you've snacked on the log size bits).

     On the potato front - pot + makeral + horseradish all mashed together.

  • God I need a kebab, I am hungry
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    Ah nothing like carpet underlay. image
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