halesowen aquathlon

this is a really nice club run event
but it could do with a few more entries


any local folk

you know you want to, you can do it and be home before your family even know you left the house


  • Nothing like a bit of notice Lurks!     image
  • i don't think a sprint aquathlon is going to get people from round the country, i was just thinking of local folk


  • 'A local Tri for local people'     image

    Not sure why I am here but i'll help keep it to the top for you  !!
  • no-one comes on here any more anyway since they split the two


  • Oh yes they do ...   look at the front page and it will all be todays posts
  • Sorry Lurker not around that weekend, if I were I'd probably spend as long on the swim and transition as I would on the run!! Hope it fills up a bit more
  • OMFG there's a Halesowen Tri Club?

    Actually, I can't say as I'd gone looking for it, so I suppose I can't be too surprised that I didn't find it!

  • it's cobra running club - their full title is "cobra running and triathlon club"
    but it seems to be a secret

  • Lurker this is actualy Halesowen Triathlon club not Cobra.

  • yeah - that was pointed out to me today - i  thought they were the same, probably because a couple of the cobra folk were helping outlast year


    i did it, in almost exaclty the same time as last year, despite sitting down to put my shoes on and putting a long sleeved top on in transition, so i must have been a bit faster somewhere else
    the weather was vile

    but it's a nice event and i will try and drum up some more entrants on here for next year

  • Wow - I didn't even know about that.  I can't ride a bike so an aquathlon would be great for me image
  • there are two or three in the midlands this time of year
  • but i think they are all done - unless anyone else knows different
    as it will be tri season soon

    i think

  • Similar race at Burntwood this weekend, but could now be full, not sure. Really enjoyed the Halesowen race last week, despite the weather!
  • this has confused me since i did it
    and i have finally got round to checking

    this event was run by cobra in previous years - hence the confusion

    there is also a halesowen athletics and cycling club - i met one of their members at the weekend
    i am amazed anyone in halesowen has time to watch telly and eat chips


  • Hi Lurker,


    There is still a Cobra Running and Triathlon Club but some of the members felt it was time to set up a club that focused just on Triathlon so they set up a separate club Halesowen Triathlon Club.


    Halesowen Athletic club is a totally different entity catering for everyone from recreational fitness through to developing youngsters. Reading the local rags they have young athletes with a lot of promise in cycling, tennis etc.


    I have no direct involvement other than as an end user but I believe most of the chip shops are still doing well despite the introduction of a new sports club in the area and neighbouring Lye have not reported any down turn in the Asian restaurants.

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