Best mileage for between marathons?

Hi all,

I've run  2 marathons (Disney 2009 and Goofy Challenge 2010)  and plan to do an autumn one such as Loch Ness in Ocotober. But I'm struggling for motivation to run in between training.

I think I'm quite goal orientated and like having a schedule to follow. What would be the best in between marathon mileage to do for general fitness and  losing some weight?

 I jogged Disney because for me it was more about the 'Disney experience' than getting a pb but I'd really like a decent time for my next one.

Would 15 - 20 miles per week be OK or is 25 better?




  • If you're sensible - then the nore miles you can do - then the better your time will be. Why not book some half marathons in before october so you have other goals tp achieve ? And then use one of the training plans here for the last 4 months or so.

    I wouldn't think running 15-20 miles a week would prepare you for a marathon properly.
  • I run all year round, but I scale back the long runs to 16-18 miles and concentrate on speedwork in between marathons.

    So now I am about 50-60 miles a week (my peak is about 65 in a few weeks) and after Blackpool I'll drop back to about 40, but ramp up the intensity. I'll also pick some nice summer 10ks and a half to keep an eye on my times, so I can plan a reasonable target before I start mileage loading for Abingdon in July.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Cougie - I'm thinking about the 4 months between now and the beginning of July really. I know the 'maintenance mileage won't prepare me for Loch Ness but I feel like I need a goal. I don't think I'm very good at designing my own plans. I can motivate myself to get out there when it is cold and wet if I'm following a schedule but if I'm not it is just too tempting to just say to myself that I'll do it 'tomorrow'. I really like your half marathon idea though and one of my marathon books has half schedules in so I'll dig out one of those. Cheers.

    Curly - I think you're a legend with those miles! I teach so I just wouldn't have the time to do anything like your mileage. PLus being 45 and carrying a couple of extra stones doesn't help either lol! But I'm working on it. Thanks anyway.

  • You dont have to do all those miles it was just an example of what I do to put it in context - you'll find the level that suits you image
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