How do I run Further than 10K

Hello all new to this, But I'm sure you will all be knind

Every 3-4 days I run about 10K now I used to do this on the treadmill but I've started doing a 10k route outside. I'm entered into the Lincoln 10K run and now considering the Norton 9 miler and maybe an half marathon later. What should my training program be to progress further. I'm at the gym on other days and I usually do 5k runs, But I'm at gym 5-6 days a week doing atleast 1hr 30mins. My time on the 10K outside 1hr 6mins........Oh yeah I'm not built like a racing snake (12 stone and loosing) and I suffer with exersion Asthma.

I'm not interested in times, I just want to know how do I progress and train.

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  • Increase your longest run by 1 mile a week, or follow a proper training schedule.
  • I ran 40K last week  (3 10k's and 2 5K's) all around 1hr 6-10min mark. Should I just concentrate on 1 long run each then then 5k on the other days........I get withdrawal symptons if I'm not exercising been doing this regime for the last 2 years. I have a running book but the trainning programs all start from scratch run for 2 mins walk for 3mins.
  • I'm increasing my distance at the moment too and have found the 4 week 10k training schedules on here have been ideal for going further.
  • Try a half marathon training schedule.

    Are you running all your runs at the same pace?

  • If you're running that much already each week then I don't think a 9 mile race is going to be a problem for you at all, provided you don't go off too fast at the start. To train for a half marathon depends a bit how much time you've got. You really need to be able to run 10 miles comfortably, so just slowly increase one of your runs each week by a mile, and if you've got time to do a few 12 or 13 milers between now and the race then great.

    The key thing for me however is that you need to do different things. The danger of just doing straight 5k & 10k runs at the same pace all the time is that you simply become good at running 5k & 10k at that pace. If you mix in different types of running then not only will you get faster but you'll become a more adaptable runner. So try replacing a couple of your sessions with something different, something that gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you work. Hill repetitions are great training, but there's tempo runs, fartlek, repetitions an all sorts of combinations that will make your training more interesting and more effective.

  • Get someone to drop you off 7 miles away from home ? Simple ! 
  • Join a club i always push myself more there than I would on my own!
  • cougie wrote (see)
    Get someone to drop you off 7 miles away from home ? Simple ! 
    or run 3.5 miles away from your home then come back again image
  • some good tips image
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