Mersey Tunnel 10K

Just entered for the second year of this one, enjoyed it so much last year I'm coming back for more !

Just hope it's not quiet as hot this year - image

Anyone else in ?



  • I'm gonna have a go,got a terrible time last year of 49.12,didn't cope at all well with the heat so I'm out to prove a point having done the Liverpool 10k in 46.06 just five months later.

    Gonna be getting the extra miles in preparing for the Liverpool Half so should be ok.

  • Shrek i'll be back for this one as well this year. 56:56 last year in this, I was hoping for quicker myself, but the heat completely sapped me... I blame the organiser image Just kidding Alan.

    Chieffy I too am training at the moment for the Liverpool Half so hoping that will carry me over for this one as well.

  • Am back for this one too.  Entered blokey this time too  image  Again hope its not as ruddy hot this time.  Funnily enough I ran Aldridge 10km one week later and it was the complete opposite, peed it down and freezing cold.

     Funnily enough I think i've entered but cant remember if I have. If I cant remember must pay Alan a visit in his new shop, next to that lovely HOWGE LFC club shop image

  • It's rare that i go near the massive club shop anymore now that Liverpool One is up and running, though next time i'm in Liverpool i will make an effort and pay JJB a visit.
  • I'm entering this one too. Agree with everyone about how hot it was last year. Surely can't be that warm again can it??
  • You don't realise how difficult it for me to be so close to 'that shop'!! I've brought my EFC mug in for comfort.

    Nutty - I'll need your name to find out if you have entered.


  • Hi Alan

    Its Joanne Fairhurst and Paul Mason from Leigh

  • Evening all,

    How many "OGGY OGGY OGGY's" can we shout in the tunnel this year ?

    and .....

    Alan - have you arranged for that greasy spoon to be cooking bacon etc this year ? The smell was torture as we plodded on past in the heat. image

    Jay Snizzel - 56.56 is a good time - I was aiming for a sub 1 hour and came in at just over at 1hr 2 ! Still I ahve done lots of miles since then and I will be gutted if I don't run a sub 1 hour this year as I do this distance at least once a week if not more and am always under 1 hour.

  • It was the promise of Mars Planets at the finish line that helped me get across
  • Jay Snizzel - I hadn't even heard of Mars Planets before I had them - somehow I ended up with 2 packets but both were out of date ! Ate them anyway - does chocolate ever go off ? image

  • Well mine were out of date as well, and i'm still alive so i suppose we can say that chocolate never goes off. FACT!
  • Nutty - we have an entry (postal) from you but not Paul. You are number 12.


  • Thanks Alan image

  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)

    You don't realise how difficult it for me to be so close to 'that shop'!! I've brought my EFC mug in for comfort.

    I shall make every effort to DROP said cup as I walk past it.....imageimage
  • I keep it in a most secret place for safe keeping. I celebrated with it yesterday at 4.50pm!!!!


  • Anyone running over the weekend, if so how did you get on & where did you run ?

    No running for me due to 2 reasons :

    1 - Snow image Again - when will it stop


    2 - The Wife got me decorating image

    Can't say too much as I havn't told her about this race yet !!

  • No running since Friday for me, because of the snow and didnt feel 100% this morning.

    Going tomorrow after work instead.

  • I'm going to run it for the first time this year and I'm trying to get an idea of the gradients involved in the run (notably getting back up the tunnel!).

    Any thoughts on which bits are the toughest and how bad they are would be much appreciated.

  • It's not an especially tough race to be honest Dave.

    Much is made of the gradient in the tunnel. If it were that bad, I wouldn't have a pb off it for a 10K!image

    And I don't like hillsimage

  • Predominently flat course with one decline of just over 1 mile in the Tunnel and one slow incline out of the Tunnel at 0.9 mile. It's not a massice challenge.

    LB is correct, it's not that bad!

    Alan Rothwell

    'runliverpool' initiative

  • Crikey - Alan agrees with me....image
  • When I ran this last year I was worried about the incline out of the tunnel, and as has been mentioned earlier I actually found it pretty easy.

    The heat... that was the hard part! oh and remembering to say hello to LB at the end

  • Which bit was hard then? Remembering to say hello, or admitting you'd spotted me because I am WELL SCARY?imageimage
  • Remembering to say hello because i didnt want to get a beating if i didnt heh image
  • Everyone KNOWS I'm a pussycat...image
  • Hello all, did this 2 years ago as my first race after surgery so i want to come back again. did 56 mins that day now my pb is 46:27 so hopin i can break 45 on this course. have relatives in the area too so kill two birds in one go
  • Excellent John it would be good if you could break your PB. My current PB is 56 mins which i set in last years tunnel 10k, i'm hoping to shave a couple of minutes off it this year myself.
  • Hello, I have run most of the Liverpool races but this will be my first time through the tunnel this year.Looking forward to it and good luck to eveyone else.
  • This is one race i have been trying to do but it has always clashed with some other event in my life.  However I think this year may be the one !!!!  You all sound like you've enjoyed it in past years and as I was lucky enough to cycle through it last year (Liverpool to Chester)  can't wait to join you......see you there guys and girls :0)

  • Sorry folks - been neglecting this thread  a little - finished the decorating now image

    Can get back to my life !! 

    Dave - the incline is nothing to worry about - the atmosphere in the tunnel is what it's all about - you see the incline and it looks a bit duanting but before you know it youre up and out - just be carefull not to stop for a pee as you emerge from the tunnel as people are on the bridge above you and might geta  shock image (not from experience last year you understand !)

    Got my first run of 2010 in 3 weeks - Ironbridge half and can't wait to get back into the crowds - bit lonely running in the snow on your todd

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