Mersey Tunnel 10K



  • You can all think of me then as I pop my triathlon cherry on Sunday in the blistering heat....image

    As I only learned to do FC two MONTHS ago, have been out on the bike once (and crashed it into a brick wall) and have a hip injury that will kill me while running, it should be a comedy spectacle!

    But next week I get my Pirate flag....image

  • LB - good luck with the tri on Sunday. I'll make sure that I am thinking about you doing the tri while I am drinking down a nice cold beer with my feet up. image
  • LFC - you're too kind! image

    But there is beer for pirates on the finish line and I think it only fair to join them for a boccle in celebration of my virginity expiring...image

  • As the Tunnel 10K event is in hand ( 157 entries up on last year at the moment) I'll spend the weekend reviewing the Mersey Marathon plan. Won't be leaving anything to chance ahead of delivering the first phase document back to Liverpool City Council next Friday.

    Might even do a bit of running myself this weekend.
  • Surely not Alan!

    R*nning? When the sun is shining and it's beer o'clock?image

  • Mother said I can't drink beer until I'm 18!!
  • Have to stick to the whisky then.
  • Just got back home and my number has arrived. image

    What's more, I'm an elite. Well, my number is anyway. I'm No. 7. image

  • My number arrived today image, I'm no: 794.

    Looking forward to a week on Sunday now, just hope my leg is better, there was no training for me tonight image, going to rest my leg for one more day and try an get out on Sunday Morning.

    LB- GoodLuck for Sunday.

  • Thanks Kerry!

    You should see the list of crap you need to take for a triathlon! None of this "just pop your race number on and go" malarky!

    I went to see Peter Kay last night at the MEN. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Rick Astley supported him, which was a real delight for me because he's only from down the road and I knew his guitarist when he was in his heyday! I was suddenly 15 again...image And Rick Astley is still a gawky funny looking bugger (and I swear he dyes that barnet now) but he CAN sing and he put on a good showimage

  • I don't have my number yet (not panicking, Alan, honest!)image

    Good luck in Nantwich, LB image

  • imageGot my two numbers today.  Arrrrg who jinxed me with number 13 image My running has been going lousy too and that doesn't do my confidence much good image
  • LB - good luck in Nantwich - youre first Virgin experience in a while !!! lol image) Her indoors and me - plus a gang of about 20 of us mad fools have booked to see Rick Astley in July in an 80's revival concert - he is one of many including ABC and a load of other 80's groups - we did it last year & it p*ssed down but we had a fab time - just hope the weather is better this year.

    PS - 1 week to go !!!!

  • Thanks guys!

    If I die doing this tri today, run with black armbands in memory of me next week.....image

  • How can I enter online????
  • Alan, if you need a hand filling those empty bottles with tap water let me know, we're in Liverpool from Saturday morning.....image
  • Paul - if you haven't already entered then the online is now off. Entries in person only at JJB Sports, Williamson Square. NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY.

    Bantamboy - I don't think our self confessed 'water snob' has entered the Tunnel 10K. Probably in disgust at being proved to NOT be a water snob!!

    Good job the run wasn't yesterday. I see there was a fatality at the Edinburgh Marathon.
  • Number has arrived! image

     But now sporting one very sunburnt and sliced open foot from Ainsdale beach on Sunday - still hoping to run, but it might be messy image

  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)
    . I see there was a fatality at the Edinburgh Marathon.

    Sorry to hear that. It was NOT a pleasant day to be racing. I am burnt even with factor 50 on and I couldn't actually manage to run the whole of the 5K at the end of my sprint tri! (which is unheard of for me)image

    Have they said what the deceased person died of?

  • From what I believe it was a heart attack.
  • I bet heat was a contributing factor. My HR was through the ROOF in the run yesterday so I ran / walked the 5K. I was only interested in a finish, not collapsing at the end of it.

    I feel sorry for the family. I once saw a stat about just how LOW marathon deaths are and it really is rare when you compare it to the numbers of runners who participate.

  • LB - I have the fire hose at the ready at the bottom of the Town Hall steps!!
  • LB - Just the fire hose, not the firemen.
  • If it's anything like the weather yesterday I think the tunnel aspect of it will be the most popular! I remember trying to hug the right hand side of the road to try and get some shade before the wide open spaces of Seacombe last year! Factor 50 on standby..only thing stronger than that is a balaclava!
  • Hey guys.

    I've never run a race before so I'm thinking of doing this.

    I read a post a bit further up saying this:

    "Entries in person only at JJB Sports, Williamson Square. NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY."

    Does anybody know the deadline for entry in person? No doubt I'm probably too late though.



  • Phil - I think you can enter up to and including Saturday but if you are going to enter, try and get in asap. Alan will be able to tell you better than I can.

    I would recommend it as a first race. It's a good atmosphere and an enjoyable day out. image

  • I wore factor 50 yesterday in my triathlon and you should see my comedy tan!

    Did I mention that I did a triathlon yesterday? Did I?????image

    Alan  - do you want some help on the finish line? I fancy making myself mildly useful. Throwing rocks at Evertonians would be a start....image

  • Phillip - I would recommend this one as a first as well - great atmosphere & something a bit different witht the tunell element.  Alan will no doubt give you all the info - he can be very efficient at times image

    Alan - Great to heat you have the fire hoses at the ready but no mention of the Cheerleaders ? Possition them at the end near to LB to spur us fellas on the last few hundred yards / meters - that shows my age !!

    lfl / any other RW "bloggers" - anyone know a good place to meet up pre race ? the start was very busy last year so any locals please advise - also green ribbon essential me thinks - Lost my last piece so will have to hunt down some more from somewhere.

    Did a lovely 8 miles Sunday - out at 0730 to avoid the heat - lovley jubbly image

  • Nam flashed her boobs at Calfie in yesterday's triathlon!!!

    I shan't be following suit next Sunday for you lot! (just so you know)image

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