Mersey Tunnel 10K



  • what a lovely weekend that was, i was out saturday at 2pm for 8 miles and sunday at 1 pm for 10 miles,lots more hot weather for next weekend please image
  • PW9 - entries in person at JJB until they have gone!! We have less than 100 left.

    LB - I'll find something for you to do. At the start or finish??

  • Finish is better to be honest.

    As long as it doesn't involve pom poms!

  • LB - I'll send you a contact number for the bloke that is organising the finish area. I'm at the start until the race starts and then in the lead car.
  • No Pom poms!!!!!

    How about tassels? image
  • Behave LFC!image
  • One pom, one tassle?
  • Looks like we're going to have nice weather for the race image
  • Are the runnersworld runners meeting up at the start, as we all talk to each other on here, it would be nice to put names to faces or to just say hi as you are all running past me!
  • Kerry - I'm game to meet everyone. As you say, it would be nice to put a few faces to names, although in my case it might not be such a good idea. image
  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)
    One pom, one tassle?
    Now that would be a serious party trick if I could pull it off! image
  • Anybody got any quick cures for blisters?  I stupidly went hill walking at the weekend and now have 6 perlers adorning my feet. 

     I will still be running/hobbling though come what may

  • Amputation? image
  • Thanks LB, I was trying to avoid that but may have to resort to the kitchen knives again this evening image
  • Brian Taylor 10 - you will be O.K. tomorrow. Less than 100 entries left which see up at 2,500.
    That's just on 400 more than last year!!
  • Hi all

    Good luck for the weekend. I will be taking photos for RunLiverpool. I aim to get an action pic of everyone...probably along the prom. Pictures should be online same evening at my website

    I have previously shot pix for Alan of the Liverpool 10K, Santa Dash, Team challenge, Women's 10K etc over the last 12 months

    I hope it is cooler than the Scottish Half Marathon where I ran on Sunday. Hell fire!!

    Take it easy through the tunnel and save a smile for the camera during the last two miles

  • Is anyone else still waiting for their number or is it just me?

    Alan - what should I do if it doesn't arrive before Sunday? And do you have an update as to whether the trains on the Northern line to Liverpool from Ormskirk will be running? I remember you saying that there were planned engineering works again (as with last year's Tunnel 10k) but I'd like to get down to Moorfields by train if at all possible....

    Thanks in advance!

  • Good luck everybody for Sunday. One more run for me tomorrow then carbs, carbs and more carbs image I love taper week.

    P.S. I vote Tassels and Pom Pom's!

    P.P.S. What time does the tunnel shut for traffic?

  • 5 days to go folks !!

    Tassles have my vote image

    Meeting up at the start and finnish sounds good - some local knowledge about best places to meet up needed and green ribbons to identfy each other - I am easy to spot - the fat bloke looking lost !!

  • Green ribbons! what will I do with the carnation and newspaper I ordered?!?!
  • Bulldog - the Tunnel doesn't shut. We just use one tube. Traffic goes through the other.
  • Bulldog37 - Bring Carnations as well if you want - anything goes !! Green ribbons are more commonly used to recognise fellow RW bloggers - tie one to your T Shirt - front & back & then you can see each other "on route" as well - It works - honest !
  • I wont be running on Sunday guys, but just thought I'd wish you all good luck.

    I'm hoping to be at the finish with my wife and twins.

  • Thanks Jay. Hope to see you at the finish. I am no. 7 and will probably be wearing a red sleeveless Liverpool top.
  • What's the best thing to do.. Park at New Brighton and get the train to the start (what time train would I need to get??) 

    Or get a lift to the start and then be met at finish  - seems easier for me. .  but would it be easy enough for friends to get to other side to meet me (they will have an hour til I finish I reckon!!)  Am coming from the midlands and don't really know liverpool at all but looking forwrad to it! image

  • Hi CatherineP

    Me personally, would do the second option and get a lift to the start. With you not knowing Liverpool, you could get off the train this side and get lost trying to find the start.

    I'll be down in the midlands (Worcester) the following week for another 10K.
  • Hi Catherine,

    The start is very close to Moorfields station, which is one of the stations on the 'loop' in Liverpool city centre. If you park in New Brighton and get the train back to Liverpool (which I personally would do in your situation), the train stops at Moorfields before getting to Lime Street and Liverpool Central. Moorfields is a bit of a maze but you'll be fine if you just follow the signs for the Moorfields exit.

    Trains leave New Brighton station at 23 and 53 past the hour on Sundays and take about 20 minutes. So the 8:53 train gets you to Moorfields for 9:15, and you're literally a 2-minute walk to the start so it would give you plenty of time for the 10am start. I'm guessing also you'll be able to get the train for free.

    As with all things like this though, give yourself plenty of time and hope you have a great day!

  • Just to let you all know, 52 entries left at the time of writing so all will have gone by close of play tomorrow. Another excellent turnout, up from 2118 last year to a full house of 2500!!

    Brilliant. Thank you all for your continued support.

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