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  • Mark - Last year there was a free travel arrangment on the Liverpool "tube" which was a great idea for the runners - probarbly a bit smelly for any othe rpoor sods but hey ho !! They could either park in the City centre or my preference would be for them to be in New Brighton at the finnish - very nice place and lots to do as so many finnish lines are boring for spectators until they see their loved ones. I'm sure Alan will offer you some advise on this one being a local lad. I have about a 2 hour travel time to Liverpool so dont know it too well.

    What a brilliant day to run today - not used to actually getting hot when running outside - only 2 weeks ago I was so cold my hands were frozen solid for hours after I returned from a 10 miler and now the sun is shining and the paths are full or runners and ..... Dogs .... Ahhh !!!

    Went out to do 5 miles as I have a half next weekned and am tapering a little but ended up doing 8.5  miles - it was too nice I had to keep on going - plus I was following some nice young ladies - it always helps image

  • Just got my entry form in thisimage
  • Good decission Connor - you won't tegret it.      image
  • Mark - the start is in Pall Mall, city centre and the finish is in New Brighton. If your pick up doesn't know the area you may have trouble getting to the finish as you have to go through the tunnel by car!! You get free transportation back to the start courtesy of Mersey Rail.

    Alan Rothwell

    'runliverpool' initiative
  • Shrek - I Can't wait already image

  • Alan how are entries for this going? I'll be applying next month come pay day. Dont want to miss out, people applying for this in bulk because they missed out on the half marathon.
  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)
    Mark - the start is in Pall Mall, city centre and the finish is in New Brighton. If your pick up doesn't know the area you may have trouble getting to the finish as you have to go through the tunnel by car!! You get free transportation back to the start courtesy of Mersey Rail. Alan Rothwell 'runliverpool' initiative
    I would actually do things in reverse and leave the car at the finish and get the train through to the start, no faffing around at the end waiting for trains etc
  • I concur, plenty of free parking spaces in New Brighton.
  • Just an alert on entries given the oversubscription for the Half Marathon. Entries will be limited to 3,000 and the closing date for entries (online or postal) will be Monday, 17th May OR BEFORE if the limit is reached.

    We DON"T have an actual limit but we have to buy in medals, t shirts, water etc in advance so I'm sticking at 3,000 maximum. Currently on around the 800 mark.

  • OK Alan i'll get my application in the beginning of April image
  •  Thank you to all for your help and advice.

     I have only been running for 4 months after 20+ years of smoking so can't wait.

  • Well done Mark (I take it you're off the ciggys now).
  • to everyone!!!!!

    just got in from a 10k run,in training for next weeks lverpool half marathon.

    had a really good one. hoping to do 2 hours 10

    int running great!!!!!!!

  • Good luck to everyone running over the weekend - the weather ain't great here and I've got my first half in Ironbridge on Sunday ! Typical Brittish weather - still putting that aside I can't wait for tomorrow. image

    Mark - good choice to get off the cancer sticks - apparantly they are going up to £7 a pack soon !!

    Just think what else thta money could go towards - ...... image

  • Evening everyone, ran my first half of 2010 this morning in Ironbridge / Telford - great race and got a PB ! Given the rain yesterday which turned most of the route into mud I hadn't really banked on a PB so I am very happy. Time 2hrs 20 mins which beat my previous time by 2 mins.

    Not up to some of yours standards but I am a 16 stone fella and it was a very hilly route. Mile 7 to 11 was a serious incline and I have a lot of me to get up thise hills !!

    Got home and my 2 lovely daughters and the misses had baked a chocolate cake for me - how sweet (I cried a bit !) Well when youre exhausted your emotions are all over the place image image

    Anyone else been out over the weekend ?

  • I did 10 miles this morning round the Wirral Peninsula, baking hot sun. I've got sun burn on my face.

    Well done Shrek good running

  • Thanks Jay image

    Yout run sounds nice - we are land locked here so no sea but we do have the River Severn which is nice - something about seeing the sea - It's the start of Summer for me.

  • Don't forget to put your clocks forward at 1 am Sunday morning

    Summe rtime is here at last image

  • anyone else out there doing the livepool half tomorow ? imageimage
  • Hi All just popped in to say hello, doing the tunnel 10k first race ever, well since cross country in school long time ago, just done my first full 10k training run at around the 1hr 2 minute mark, looking at some of the posts would this be an acceptable time don't want to look a newbie and come last.

    Cheers Paul

  • Hi Paul last years tunnel was my first ever road race and I completed in 65 minutes which I considered good enough for a first attempt.  Since then I have been truly bitten and have competed in the Liverpool Triathlon, the santa dash and the Half Marathon last weekend.  Now in training again for the tunnel (have to go back to where it began) 62 minutes is more than acceptable and given the timing of the race from now you will definitely improve on that.

    Cheers  Chris

  • Paul, I totally agree with Chris - 1 hour ish is a great time and you will not be last for sure.

    Last year I finnished this in 1 hr 6 mins in heat of 35 degrees - so not bad. It's a good run and last year had some great crowd support which always helps - you will be fine

  • 35 degrees?


    It was warm, yeah..... but nowhere NEAR that.

  • Hi thanks for that made me feel a lot better, just looking out the window at a very wet and windy liverpool, not sure this is the right weather for a newbie to be running in lol
  • Congratulations to everyone who ran the LIverpool half on sunday, i'll be running it next year hopefully!! image

    Preparations for this race though are on hold for the moment because of a slight niggle in my knee which is rather painful when i run  image won't last long hopefully!!
  • Yes Congrats might even join you next year. (oops did I say that out loud) image
  • Paul, I would not worry about becomimng last, as there is no chance of that happening. . Firstly your time is good and I will definitely be behind you. I am Liverpudlian  but have lived in East Anglia for last 31 years. However when I saw there was a run through the Mersey Tunnel I was intrigued and have now entered. I always used to hate running in my youth. However I had a hip replacement 2 years ago and started running then to get fit and now have the bug. started the wrong way round in that my first official run was a half marathon last October to raise money for MS.  Unfortunately I damaged my achilles and it took me 2hours 50 minutes. There wre 35 people behind me, so I was pleased.

    I have just started running again and ran official 5 mile run 3 weeks ago which was cross country. Small entry of 110 and I was 7th from last, but the last male . I ran 54 minutes 26 seconds which I was happy with. Yesterday I ran another 5 mile run with over 500 entrants. This time 76 behind me and a time of 52 minutes 3 seconds.

    I always start near the back as I know that is where I will be , but I have enjoyed every run I have done. 

  • Nothing wrong with being at the back Paul. You don't have to deal with the pillocks trying to trip you up nearer the front! image
  • I have just posted my entry for this.  Having completed the liverpool Half marathon and very pleased with myself. 

    I have been looking at the incline on the way out of the tunnel. I have one longish! hill near my regular training runs, its 1.1Km with a steady rise of about 63M, which i make out to be a 5.5% incline.  If i can deal with this would that put me in good stead for the incline out of the tunnel.


  • MS7 - i think you will find the incline is not as difficult as you imagine.

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