Mersey Tunnel 10K



  • L/B & Alan - Didn't realise CCTV was in the tunnel - oops image

    Oh well - didn't stop me then & probarbly won't stop me this year !! I was not the only one !

    LB - hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks guys!

    I know a consultant orthopod and he's stabbed me before for tennis elbow and it REALLY hurt! I went to him as a "courtesy patient" (code for free BUPAimage) and he wound up finding and removing a tumour I was hiding in my abdomen!

    I have to admit I did NOT pee in the tunnel.....

    I peed in Alan's garden in West Kirby.image

  • L/B - Oh my God !!!

    Lucky you went or could have been much much worse - chocolate is a great healer !!

    Re : Peeing in Alan's garden - ME TOO !!!!

    Note to self "need to take a camera this year !"

  • Has everyone peed in Alan's garden????image

  • Only 4.5 weeks to go now.

    Anyone who wants to race and haven't applied yet, get it in. Don't wait, you know it will be here before you know it.

    There, I feel so much better now.

    LB - I haven't peed in Alan's garden but it is on my to do list.
  • I'll be applying this weekend LFC Runner, 2nd year running it for me, can't wait.
  • This is my 2nd year aswell.

    When are the numbers getting sent out Alan? Not that I'm impatient or excited or anything.
  • Hi guys,

    I spoke to Alan this morning on a few things and after a google search I found this forum.  I feel a bit of an imposter signing up to Runner's World though.  I've started running again after losing a fair bit of weight and I really want to keep it up.  I've always been a big lad with decent fitness but losing the weight I have has meant I've been able to up my fitness level and I'm feeling good at the moment.   

    After not training or running for a while I've started to get back into the swing of things, but I've never really put any emphasis on time before. What sort of time do you think would be acceptable for the 10k through the tunnel?  For a 10k I've been at the 1h10m mark but I know that isn't much to be chuffed about.  But I really don't want to be the guy everyone feels sorry for at the end.  I've been there and it isn't nice.

    Does anyone have any advice they could kindly share with me?  This is my first run and I really want to make a go of it so I can do more and increase the distance I can cover.  I realise there's a fair bit of incline in this run but I have been taking routes that incorporate this element.  I just really want to know how I can up my training that little bit more to increase my fitness without picking up injuries.  

    Also, I do get big problems with blisters when I run. Does anyone know what can help me here too?  I've heard different things but so far they've been unsuccessful.  

    I am a complete novice so if anyone could give me any advice whatsoever I'd be really grateful.  



  • Hi Chris! image

    A 70 min 10k is nothing to be ashamed about! If you look at last year's results that would have put you around the 1690-1700 out of 1879, so certainly not last image

    Have you tried doing a bit of run-walk training? You could find that you are able to go much further whilst putting less strain on your joints and possibly lowering blister risk. If you could get in some training distances with a run/walk ratio (maybe run 5mins, walk 2mins, or whatever feels comfortable) that are further than the 10k distance, it might boost your confidence a bit (as well as improving endurance/fitness).

    I'm sure people will put forward far more useful advice in a bit, but welcome aboard.

  • Hi Chris,

    Please look at my forum I sent on 3/4 as I am also a novice and am always near the back but never last yet.

    I the nice weather recently I have been running training runs of about 4.5 miles, and I am running official 5 k run on Monday and 4.67 mile run next Sunday.

    I don't think you will have anything to worry about.


  • Cheers Guys,

     Where I am at the moment I have no trouble running 10k but I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere at a decent pace.  I'm going to accurately time myself tonight and get something to base my training on.  

    One problem I seem to get are the beeps from passing cars and comments people seem to like to share about a big guy running.  Imagine my despair when a bus went past me with the advert for that film 'Run Fat Boy Run'. haha.  But I guess I've just got to take it on the chin(s).  But at the end of the day, 2 years ago I was 3 stone heavier. 

    I know I've got a fair way to go both with my running and my weight loss.  But any help is great.  How can running best contribute to weight loss by the way?

     Paul and Frodo, thank you both very much.   


  • Hi Chris,

    I too was a pretty big fella, Nudging 16st at one point (and not muscle!) since taking up running last year i have come down to 13 1/2 st (still a bit big)and my times have steadily improved. my half marathon time has come down from 2:49 to 2:29

    for me i have found that a lot of it is psychological, once i have the disance under my belt and know that i  can complete the distance i work on nibbling bits off the time each time i go out (but i don't beat myself up if it doesnt happen)

    This will be my first 10k race, and when i applied i had an estimated finish of 1hr 6mins, i do a 10k run/jog every saturday and this come down to 58mins.

    if you are looking to improve your time i have found that if i have a set route and find out where the distance markers are, i.e. a tree or road junction tree is about 1 mile then at each marker i know if i need to push a bit or slow down a bit.

    In any case i never try to knock vast amounts of time off on each run. (you will probably find that you will run quicker in the race than in training anyway, just don't go off too fast!)

     Good luck

  • lfc - race information will start going out from Monday 10th May just after the Women's 10K event. Should all land by the end of that week.
  • Thanks Alan.

    Hi Chris. Don't worry about times right now. This race was the first for me in a long time last year and I got a time of 1.03 and it felt great. The main thing is enjoy yourself with it. If you do that, everything else will come in it's own time.

    For the blisters, what condition are your trainers in? Do they fit well? For me, one of the best things I bought when I first started out was some proper running socks. They seem expensive to me for socks but they are well worth getting. I got some Hilly dual layer ones and have never suffered any blisters with them.

    I was bigger last year and the running helped loads. I lost 3 1/2 stone last year.
  • Hi Chris

    I agree with LFC re the dual layer running socks. They are really good and I never run without them now.

    Looking forward to this race image

  • Welcome Chris!

    You are NOT an imposter. You are a forumite now and we're all the same on here. Just a bunch of runners who yap a lot and occasionally enter races.

    It makes no difference if you win the race or come last to us. You'll still get support and help on here. I'm short of time at the moment but I'll pop back later and give you some tips on the race.

    And my first 10K took me 1.15 so I'd have been WAY behind you! image

  • Chris -  re the socks, I have also had single layer Hilly ones and had no problems either.

    The tunnel is not as steep as you think so don't worry too much about trying to climb a big incline. If it's anything like last year, make sure you have had plenty of water.

    I've joined Liverpool Running Club and it has helped me improve. For me, it's good to have other people around as it helps keep me going when I lose my mojo.

  • Chris - I too am a big fella at 16 stome and don't worry too much about it - I just put my head down / ignore any sarcastic comments by passing motorists - pedestrians wouldn't cross me when they realise anyone running at my size must be very fit - you don't see them running so keep your head held high.

    Re : Blisters - The more you run the tougher your feet will become - after the great north last year I had 4 huge blood blisters all on top of each other - nice - they dont bother me now as I always use dual layer socks (X Socks are my prefered ones) - they are expensive at around £10 per pair but well worth it and available from sweatshop or wiggle on line stores. Also a bit of vasolene on balls of feet and any sore spots can work & don't forget a bit on your nipples and undercarraige as well - chaffing can be very very sore & best avoided !!image

  • You can always go with the "well if I carry on doing this, I'll lose weight but you'll always be an arse" line if people have a pop at you! image
  • Chris and Ms7 - whilst it will work by trying to increase your speed over a set course, you are really limiting your training.

    If your run the same 10km route every week, you will eventually get quicker, but you need to vary your training, ideally you should run atleast three times per week, one long steady run, if your doing 10k races then this run should be around 15k, dont worry about time taken your building an endurance base. the other runs should be one 10k at your pace and then a shorter faster run say 5k

    The idea is to build a pyramid with your training with the endurance on the bottom to build the pace and speed from, without endurance you cannot add speed.

  • I would also try to find a big hill to get some training in as that climb out of the tunnel is longer and steeper than it seems in the car!
  • I sometimes use the his round Everton Valley and the public spaces round there. Plenty of different gradients to play with.
  • Cheers for the advice everyone.  I'll definately be taking it all on board.  Had a huge blister problem on my run last night but this was before I'd seen the replies. 

    Thanks.  It's really great of you to take the time to get back to me.


  • Great persavearance (?) Chris - soon the blister thing won't bother you too much & your stamina will build - keep it going.

    L/B - love the arse thing - will have to try that one next time - problem is they have usuallt sped past me in their crappy old cars with hand painted stripes and alloys which dont fit - for these the finger will have to do image

    Have a 9 miler tommorow (14.4km) Haughmond Handicap Chase - looking for a time of under 90 mins & I'll be happy given the rain here at the moment - will do a short report Monday evening if I do well

    Good luck on LSR's and anyone else racing image

  • Right, just entered after a lot of umming and ahhing!!As a newbie I needed my next challenge to keep my motivation. Just ran my 1st half marathon in Sheffield last week.I didn't run for a week afterwards and then thought I could take on the world with my next 5 mile run. It was not as easy as I thought!!! So back to the proper training schedule and eating plan image Good luck all and any advice is very much appreciated.
  • Chris,

    don't worry too much about times, if you are already staying for a 10k distance you won't have any problems and definitely will not be coming in anywhere near last. 

    Re the blisters I echo all the comments on here regarding the correct socks.  However it may be worth checking that you have laced and tightened your trainers properly & have the correct size daft comment I know, but take it from someone who learnt the hard way on this for years I thoght I was a size 10.5 and it turns out I am a 9!!! so new trainers invested in last year and hey presto blisters disappeared.

     I too am not the most slim person in the world the fondness for burger, beer and football tends to push training out the way a bit but I have to say since taking up running although the numbers haven't decreased that much I deffo feel fitter and faster.

    Good luck to everyone in training for this one and Alan can you please make sure the prom wind machine and heat lamps are turned off please image

  • Thanks JPenno, will definately take that on board.

    At the moment i am doing three runs a week 10k, 7k and 5k.  Will see if i can up this to 15k, 10k and 5k.


  • On around 1,500 entries at the moment so keep 'em coming in. Need another 700 or so to match last year.

  • Just been out on the course. Weather is brilliant on the promenade. Here's hoping for a good day on 30th.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Signed up today.Now all I need to do is try to run again for the first time after VLM
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